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2007 • 16.2 hh • Dutch • Gelding • USEF #5382751
Winning Hunter. Good technique and beautiful type.



2007 • 16.2 hh • Canadian Warmblood • Gelding • USEF #5350401
Proven Junior Hunter and Derby horse. Great record.




2008 • 16.1 hh • Oldenburg • Gelding • USEF #5376960
Attractive, kind, scopey JR/AM Jumper

Starry Night

2006 • 16.2 hh • Dutch Warmblood • Gelding • USEF #5200708
Junior Hunter and Derby horse. Great jumper and wonderful teacher.





2009 • 16.1 hh • Warmblood • Gelding • USEF #5388866
Stunning look, eligible Green 3′6″.


2010 • 16.2 hh • Hanoverian • Gelding • USEF #5360871
Beautiful type, great technique.


2011 • 16 hh • Dutch Warmblood • Mare • USEF #5387991
Flashy, easy and sweet. Eligible Green 3′.

Cartiano Z

2004 • 16.3 hh • Zangerscheide • Gelding • USEF #5188677
Experienced Young Riders Horse


Grace of Hearts

2011 • 16.1 hh • Hanoverian • Mare • USEF #5389474
Stunning Green 3′/Young 3′3″ hunter. Great mover. Brave.


2004 • 17 hh • Dutch Warmblood • Gelding • USEF #5224635
Scopey jumper. Has shown 1.45m.


First Lady

2006 • 16.2 hh • Warmblood • Mare • USEF #5242403
Tried and true JR/AO/CH/AA Hunter.


Court Z

2011 • 16.1 hh • Zangershiede • Gelding • USEF #5260122
Attractive hunter. Eligible Green 3′.


2010 • 15.3 hh • American Warmblood • Mare • USEF 5387886
Eligible Green 3′. Very good mover.


2008 • 16.2 hh • Hanoverian • Gelding • USEF #5312986
Beautiful Hunter/Derby horse.


Linked In

2008 • 15.3 hh • Warmblood • Gelding • USEF #5335945
Lovely child/adult/junior/amateur hunter.


2004 • 16.2hh • Oldenburg • Gelding • USEF #5132215
Jumper. Has done 1.40M.


He Charmed Me - SOLD

Congratulations to Susan Babitt

Special thanks to David Eith

Croquet - SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks and Lindsey Paton

May 2016

For Star - SOLD

Congratulations to David and Emily Breach

Special thanks to Stephanie Simmonds

May 2016

Apache Joe - SOLD

Congratulations to Brooke McLeod

March 2017

Carmelina - SOLD

Special thanks to Wendy Subotich Krohn

March 2017

Class Action - SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks

March 2017

WT Bounce - SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks

February 2017

Ceres Z- SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks

February 2017

Sorcerer - SOLD

Congratulations to Emilie Welles

Special thanks to Lise and Todd Gregory

February 2017

Maple Bay - LEASED

Congratulations to Olivia Welsh

Special Thanks to Lexi Shaw

February 2017

Doretto - SOLD

Congratulations to Leslie Cox

January 2017

Soldier Boy - SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks

December 2016

Legatus - SOLD

Special thanks to Amanda Lyerly

November 2016

Loverboy - SOLD

Special thanks to Hayden Herson-Hord

September 2016

Hometown - SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks

September 2016

Cerafina - SOLD

Congratulations to Jessica Gleason

Special thanks to Mike Gallaway and Rachel Marcotte

September 2016

Just Charlie - SOLD

Congratulations to Alicia Gadban

August 2016

Olivia Eurostar - SOLD

Congratulations to Gage Curry

Special thanks to Stephanie Goodman

July 2016

Saint Cloud - SOLD

Congratulations to Brylee Dickey

Special thanks to Lindsey Garner

June 2016.

Simply Theo - SOLD

May 2016

McKinley - SOLD

Congratulations to David Schell

February 2016

Playlist - SOLD

Congratulations to Tate Beteta

Special thanks to Robyn Stiegler

January 2016

Wembley - SOLD

Congratulations to Karen Peterson

Special thanks to Mary Rae Fuller

January 2016

Papyrus - SOLD

Congratulations to the Gochman family

Special thanks to Scott Stewart

October 2015

Kilkenny Esquire - SOLD

Congratulations to Patricia Trunzo

Special thanks to Beka Swan

October 2015

Indy - SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks

October 2015

Athena - SOLD

Congratulations to Diane Laycoe.

July 2015

Joaquin - SOLD

Special thanks to Beka Swan

July 2015

Disco - SOLD

Congratulations to Albert Pinnella

Special thanks to Leslie Steele

April 2015

Cayman - SOLD

Special thanks to Meredith Herman

March 2015

Fable - SOLD

Congratulations to Lexie D’Avella

March 2015

Gettysburg - SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks

March 2015

Cornino - SOLD

Special thanks to Kristin Barreto

February 2015

Knightsbridge - SOLD

Special thanks to Rodney Tulloch

February 2015

Dayshine - SOLD

Special thanks to Jenna Ritchie

February 2015

Penny Lane - SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks

February 2015

Basilio - SOLD

Special thanks to Alexis-Taylor Silvernale

Vetyver Du Bois - SOLD

Congratulations to Aislinn Lamoreaux

July 2014

Zadon - SOLD

Congratulations to Lisa Lamoreaux.

Special thanks to Sally Parks.

September 2014

Escada - SOLD

Congratulations to Katie Mack of Oregon City, OR

August 2013

Rumor Has It - SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks.

June 2014

Hologram - SOLD

Congratulations to Bonnie Edmonds of Calgary, Alberta.

Special thanks to Dayton Gorsline and Lisa Carlsen.

February 2014

Amigo - SOLD

Congratulations to Alicia Wilkinson of Waxhaw, North Carolina

Special thanks to Sally Parks

May 2014

Adriana - SOLD

Congratulations to Sandra Teddy of Maple Valley, Washington.

Special thanks to Hunters Run and Colleen Armstrong.

September 2012

On-Wii-Go - SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks

March 2014

Hello It’s Me - SOLD

Special thanks to Denize Borges

July 2013

Argentinus - SOLD

Congratulations to Scott & Jennifer Sandell of Portola Valley, CA.
Special thanks to Kelly LaFond.

January 2013

Barcelona - SOLD

Congratulations to Julie Bernstein of New York, NY.

Special thanks to Mindy Darst and Joey Currais.

December 2012

Cassius - SOLD

Congratulation to Leslie Cox of Bainbridge Island, WA.
February 2012

Caviar - SOLD

Congratulations to Heidi Kane of Huntington Beach, CA
Special thanks to Nicole Kane

March 2013

Chanel - SOLD

Congratulations to Kendall Gath of Laguna Beach, CA.
Special thanks to Tracy Baer.
April 2012

Encore - SOLD

Congratulations to Missy Luczak of Charlotte, NC.
Special thanks to Tom Wright.
April 2012

Exposure - SOLD

Congratulations to Clare Sargent of Kenilworth, IL

Special thanks to Caroline and Rush Weeden

October 2012

Galabea 3 - SOLD

Congratulations to Linda Gailey of Huntington Beach, CA.

Special thanks to Tracy Baer.

April 2013

Goodnight Moon - SOLD

Congratulations to Marla Edlen of Portland, Oregon

May 2013

Greyscale - SOLD

Congratulations to Katherine Dash of Yarrow Point, WA

February 2013

Kantos - SOLD

Congratulations Macy Mitchell of Hailey, Idaho

April 2013

Kohala - SOLD

Congratulation to Kristin Kendall of San Ramon, CA.
Special thanks to Diane Yeager.
March 2012

Lindbergh - SOLD

Congratulations to Denise Griffith of Moorpark, CA

Special thanks to Kay Altheuser and Elvenstar.

December 2012

Message to Michael - SOLD

Congratulations to Sandy Nelson of Morgan Hill, CA
Special thanks to Susan Crenshaw.
November 2012

Night Song - SOLD

Congratulations to Heather Elerding of Battle Ground, WA.
Special thanks to Kathy Kerron and Jill McGrady.
May 2012

Pendleton - LEASED

Congratulations to Larry Frye of Atherton, CA.
Special thanks to Nicole Bloom.
March 2012

Puppet - SOLD

Congratulation to John and Stephanie Ingram of Nashville, TN.

Special thanks to Tom Wright.

October 2012

Rembrandt - SOLD

Congratulations to Molly Butler of Portland, Oregon

Special thanks to Kathy Kerron and Jill McGrady

June 2013

Romeo’s Irony Z - SOLD

Congratulations to Clara Moehlman of Fresno, CA.

Special thanks to Jen Hennink.

April 2013

Worth The Wait - SOLD

Congratulations to Laura Maskell of Portland, OR.
Special thanks to Kathy Kerron and Jill McGrady.
August 2012