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National Horse Show – New York

We had a great time in Syracuse for the National Horse Show.  The stabling was much better this year as it was underneath the arena.  The weather was chilly but a good time was had by all.  This photo is (from l to r) of Maggie Dennis, Madison Cameron, Shelley Campf, and Colleen Biemer.

New York 2010-shelley, colleen, maggie, madison


The World Champion Hunter Rider Program is the premier awards program for hunters and hunter riders both nationally and regionally. Results are tabulated from results in a riders best four WCHR shows – important because horses and riders do not need to “over show” to be victorious.

Once again, Oz is proud to announce fantastic results for the 2010 season.  The Regional Awards are final awards and will remain as posted.  Unfortunately, the National Awards will be adjusted after the Capitol Challenge Horse Show which is the final event for the year.  Anyone not attending the Capitol Challenge Horse Show in Upper Marlboro, Maryland will not hold their position in the National Standings.  Since none of our riders will be making the trip east this fall, we wanted to recognize their positions in the national standings leading into the final show.

Shelley Campf 

Professional Hunter RiderChampion NW Region and 10th Nationally

Trainer Award for Champion Professional Hunter Rider NW Region

Trainer Award for Champion Junior Hunter Rider NW Region

Handy Hunter Award - 3rd NW Region

Colleen Biemer

Junior Hunter RiderChampion NW Region and 13th National

Junior Hunter Rider Owner AwardChampion NW Region and 8th Nationally

Handy Hunter AwardChampion NW Region

Zizi Zell

Adult Amateur Hunter Rider - Reserve Champion NW Region and 7th Nationally

Professional Hunter Rider Owner AwardChampion NW Region and 7th Nationally

Adult Amateur Hunter Rider Owner AwardReserve Champion Nationally and 3rd in the NW Region


Sarah Hingson

Adult Amateur Hunter Rider - 3rd Place NW Region and 11th Nationally

Adult Amateur Hunter Rider Owner Award – Champion NW Region and Champion Nationally

Madison Cameron

Junior Hunter Rider - 3rd place NW Region

Maggie Dennis

Professional Hunter Rider Owner Award -4th NW Region

Junior Hunter Owner Award - 7th  NW Region

Vivian Keller

Junior Hunter Rider - 7th place NW Region

Handy Hunter Award - 5th NW Region

The following are National Horse Awards standings. We are very proud and pleased that Costar is leading the nation in the Alabama Clay standings for the best conformation horse in the country. Costar was recently sold and will have an opportunity to compete at the Capital Challenge – good luck “Henry”!


Alabama Clay Award – First Place

Jeffrey Katz Memorial Award – 6th

Rox Dene Award – 9th


Alabama Clay Award – 13th

NW Autumn Finals – Results

The NW Autumn Finals in Monroe, Washington was a nice event. The WSHJA  made significant changes to the show that improved it greatly.

Greyscale had a fantastic week.  He stated off the week winning the Championship in the Green Conformation and winning the Zone 9 Green Conformation Finals with Shelley Campf aboard. He finished the week winning the Handy Hunter class in the Large Junior Hunters 16-17 with Maggie Dennis. Maggie also finished 9th in the ASPCA Maclay Regionals and won the USHJA Zone 9 Medal Finals. Nice work Maggie!

Legatus was a big winner as well with Championships in the Regular Working with Shelley and in the Large Junior 16-17 with Madison Cameron. Madison was second in the ASPCA Maclay Regionals and fourth in the USHJA Zone 9 Medal Finals.

Fremont was Reserve Champion in the Adult Hunters 50 and over with Zizi Zell and Reserve Champion in the Large Hunters with Shelley.

Little Miss Sunshine and Vivian Keller were Reserve Champion in the Junior Hunter 15 and Under Division and Vivian was 11th in the ASPCA Maclay Regionals.

Colleen Biemer was fifth in the ASPCA Maclay Regionals and 3rd in the USHJA Zone 9 Medal Final.

London was terrific and was dubbed “the family horse”.  He started the week winning the 1.30m with Shelley aboard and finished the week winning the Grand Prix with Jeff Campf. The Grand Prix was a very fast class so he definately had the right rider atop!

Lastly, Shelley was awarded the Leading Hunter Rider for the show. Shelley was the Leading Hunter Rider and Jeff won the Grand Prix – they make a great team!

NW Spectacular – September 1-5, 2010 Results

The final Wilsonville show of the 2010 season was spectacular for sure.  Oz horses and riders made us proud.


Encore – Champion Modified Adult Hunters ridden by Diane Laycoe

Encore – Champion in both the 3′0″ and 3′3″ Pre Green Hunter Divisions with Shelley Campf

London – Champion 1.30 Meter Jumper and winner of the 1.40 Open Welcome with Jeff Campf

Lenamore’s Cavalier – Champion Low Adult Jumper with Leslie Cox

Hakuna Matata – Champion Junior & Amateur Owner Jumper ridden by Lea Snyder

Musketeer – Champion Children’s Jumper ridden by Kaylee Cox

Rendition – Champion Small Hunter ridden by Shelley Campf

Fremont – Champion Adult Amateur 18-39 with Sarah Hingson

Fremont – Champion Large Hunter ridden by Shelley Campf

Reserve Champions:

Skybird – Reserve Champion Green Hunter with Shelley Campf

Val D’Isere – Reserve Champion in the 1.15m Jumper with Jeff Campf

Kantos – Reserve Champion in the Junior and Amateur Jumper with Madison Cameron

Chanel – Reserve Champion in the Children’s Jumper with Ali Majer

Adam 12 – Reserve Champion in the Adult Hunters 50 and over with Alexandra Zell

Adam 12 – Reserve Champion in the Low Hunter division with Shelley Campf

Kohala – Reserve Champion in the Small Hunter with Shelley Campf

Night Cap – Reserve Champion Large Junior 16-17 with Colleen Biemer

Skybird – Reserve Champion Large Junior 15 and under ridden by Avery Worthington

Madison Cameron – Reserve Champion Open Equitation

Vivian Keller – Reserve Champion Equitation 15 and Under

Special Classes:

Low Child and Adult Jumper Classic – 1st Lenamore’s Cavalier and Leslie Cox

Children and Adult Jumper Classic – 4th Musketeer and Kaylee Cox

$20,000 Grand Prix – 6th Lea Snyder and Hakuna Matata

USHJA International Hunter Derby – Night Cap and Colleen Biemer won the handy round and were 4th overall; Skybird and Avery Worthington finished 8th.

WCHR Handy Hunter Classic – 1st Colleen Biemer and Night Cap; 2nd Greyscale and Maggie Dennis; 6th Skybird and Avery Worthington.

OHJA Junior & Senior Medal Finals – 2nd Madison Cameron; 6th Maggie Dennis; 7th Colleen Biemer.

OHJA Adult Medal Finals – 2nd Sarah Hingson.

Other Class Winners:

Best Seller and Madeline Coleman – Low Children’s Jumpers

Zenon and Jeff Campf – 1.15 m Jumpers

Rendition and Lexie Grant – Children’s Hunter 16-17 Under Saddle.

Congratulations to everyone ~ Jeff, Shelley and Tara.


The Oregon Summer Classic in Wilsonville on August 25-29, 2010 was a fun event and the Oz riders had a great week.


Red Legend and Jaimie Ackerman – 1.20 m; Lenamore Cavalier and Leslie Cox - Low Adult Jumper; Hakuna Matata and Lea Snyder – Junior Amateur Owner Jumper; Encore and Shelley Campf – 3′0″ and 3′3″ Pre-Green; Rendition and Tara Niculescu- Small Hunter; Skybird and Shelley Campf – Open Hunter; Greyscale and Shelley Campf – Green/Regular Hunter; Avery Worthington – Equitation 15 and Under; Madison Cameron – Equitation 16-17 and Musketeer and Kaylee Cox – Children’s Jumper.

Reserve Champions:

Night Song and Tara Niculesce – Baby Green; Best Seller and Tara Niculescu – .95 Jumper; Val D’Isere and Jeff Campf – 1.15m Jumper; Kantos and Madison Cameron – Junior Amateur Jumper; Mr. Brightside and Jesse Stark – Low Adult Jumper; Adam and Tara Niculescu – Training Hunter; Kohala and Jeff Campf – Small Hunter; Greyscale and Jeff Campf Open Hunter; and Skybird and Avery Worthington - Junior Hunter.


Encore and Jeff Campf won the USHJA National Hunter Classic while Greyscale and Shelley Campf were second. Kohala won the second round with Shelley aboard finishing fourth overall.  Madison Cameron and her horse Legatus had a sixth place finish.

Madison won the Hillcrest Medal Finals! Vivian Keller finished second and Maggie Dennis finished third.  Nice domination girls! Avery Worthington finished seventh.

The $10,000 Jumper Classic had a nice Oz showing as well. Liza Wheeler and Concerta won, Jeff and London were second, Madison and Kantos were third, and Lea Snyder and Hakuna Matata were sixth.

Other Class Winners:

Best Seller won in the .85 Jumpers; Lenamore Cavalier and Leslie Cox won in the .85; Chanel and Ali Majer won in the .95; Red Legend and Hakuna Matata both won in the 1.10m with Jeff; Adam and Tara Niculescu won in the Schooling Hunter; Madison and Vivian both won their sections of schooling equitation; and Val D’Isere and Jeff won in the 1.15 m and Kohala won the Low Hunter.

Thunderbird Summer Classic 2010 – Oz Results

We had a quaint little group of ‘ozlings’ at the first week of Thunderbird in August.  We took six horses and came home with a whopping five coolers.

London and Jeff Campf won the $20,000 Tommy Bahama Grand Prix.

Costar and Alexandra Zell were Champion Adult Amateur 40 and over.

Encore and Shelley Campf were Champion in both the 3′0″ and 3′3″ Pre-Green Divisions

Final Act and Shelley were Champions in the Large Working Hunter.

Costar and Shelley were Reserve Champions in the Green Conformation.

Diane Laycoe and Final Act were 2nd in the Adult Amateur Hunter Classic.

Bryan Laycoe and Locaro Z and Mary Masterson and Glory had great placings as well.

Final Act with Diane LaycoeLondon, Jeff, Shelley and Blake


The Evergreen Classic was a very nice horse show.  The weather was terrific and the show was well attended. The OZ horses and riders made a very good showing.


London  and Jeff Campf winners of the Friday Grand Prix

Costar – Grand Champion High Point Hunter

Alexandra Zell – Leading Adult Hunter Rider

Shelley Campf – Leading Professional Hunter Rider

USHJA International Hunter Derby – Legatus and Madison Cameron were 5th and Little Miss Sunshine and Vivian Keller finished 7th.

London and Jeff Campf finished 3rd in the Open Welcome and 6th in the Sunday Grand Prix.

Champions: Costar in the Green Conformation and the Adult Hunter. Greyscale in the First Year Green. Skybird and Avery Worthington in the Large Junior 15 and under. Night Cap and Colleen Biemer in the Large Junior 16-17, and Fremont in the Non – TB Working Hunter.

Reserve Champions: Musketeer in the Children’s Jumper – High with Kaylee Cox. Madison Cameron in the Equitation 15-17, and Little Miss Sunshine and Vivian Keller in the Small Junior Hunter.

Other class winners included: Bacioni in the 4 & 5 year old Hunter, Sarah Hingson in the Hunter Phase of the Equitation Classic, Leslie Cox and Lenamore Cavalier in the Low Adult Jumper, Red Legend in the 1.10 m and 1.20 m jumper with Jaimie Ackerman and Greyscale in the Open Hunter.


The Country Classic was a beautiful event this year. The weather was fantastic and the competition was terrific. The schedule was filled with exciting classes and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Shelley Campf topped the Hunter Divisions winning the Brad Laird Memorial Trophythat has been donated for years by Barrie Freeman. Barrie retired the trophy this year and Shelley was happy to be the last name on there. Costar, ridden by Shelley was Grand Champion for the high point hunter as a result of his championship in the Green Conformation. Costar was 3rd in both the USHJA International Hunter Derby and the WCHR Handy Hunter Classic as well.

The hunters were good.  In the Small Hunter, Shelley rode Rendition to the Championship and Kohala to the Reserve Champion honors. Shelley and Fremont were Champion in the Large. Colleen Biemer and Night Cap were Champion Large Junior 16-17. Greyscale was Reserve Champion with Shelley in the Green Conformation and Sara Hingson and Fremont tied for Champion in the Adult 18-30 but ended up Reserve Champion. Encore and Shelley had an uncharacteristically poor showing this week but still won a schooling class. Colleen and Penny Lane won in the Baby Green, Shelley and Legatus won in the Open Hunter, and Lexie Grant and Rendition won in the Children’s.

The jumpers were hand picking their classes in an effort to peak at the correct time for the big classes.  Jaimie Ackerman and Red Legend did just that topping the $3,000 Country Classic Speed on Saturday afternoon. Lea Snyder and Hakuna Matada were sensational in the $25,000 Grand Prix until and unfortunate loss of stirrup resulted in her horse bolting forward and ultimately stopping at the last jump.  Shelley Campf rode London to a four fault score in the Grand Prix finishing 6th. Kantos and Madison Cameron were Champions in the 1.20 m and Stacy Jeter and Mr. Brightside won in the Low Adult.

Our equitation riders made us proud.  Sarah Hingson was Champion in the Adult EquitationMadison was Champion in the Open Equitation and Maggie Dennis was Reserve. Vivian Keller was Reserve Champion in the 15 and under EquitationDiane Laycoe won an Adult Equitation class and Colleen won the USEF Talent Search.

County Classic Preview – Show Results

Oz clients and horses had a terrific showing this past month at the new Country Classic Preview held at Hunter Creek Farm in Wilsonville, Oregon.

HUNTER CHAMPIONS: Penny Lany and Colleen Biemer in the Baby Green; Encore and Shelley Campf in the 3′ and 3′3″ Pre Green; Rendition and Shelley in the Small; Fremont in the Large with Shelley and the Adult with Sarah Hingson; Costar and Alexandra Zell in the Adult 31 and over; and Pixczar and Morgan Spear in the Children’s.

HUNTER RESERVE CHAMPIONS: Final Act and Tara Niculescu in the Large, and Kohala and Shelley in the Small.

JUMPER CHAMPIONS AND RESERVE CHAMPIONS: Liza Wheeler and Concerta were Champion in the Junior Amateur and Kantos and Madison Cameron were Reserve. Madison and her horse Legatus were Reserve Champion in the Modified Junior Amateur and Stacy Jeter and Mr Brightside were Reserve Champion in the Low Adult Jumper.

EQUITATION: Vivian Keller continued her winning streak with a Championship in the 15 and Under Equitation and a win in the USEF Medal. Madison was Champion Open Equitation 3′3″ and won the Hillcrest Medal and the OHJA Jr/SR Medal. Sarah Hingson was Champion Adult Equitation and won the OHJA Adult Medal. Collen was Reserve Champion in the Open Equitation 3′3″ and won the USEF Talent Search.

OTHER CLASS WINNERS: Finn won in the Modified and First Years with Shelley and in the Juniors with Maggie Dennis. Shelley won an Open Hunter with Night Cap and a Modified Hunter with Costar. Diane Laycoe won the Modified Child Adult Under Saddle on Encore, Leslie Cox and Lenamore Cavalier won a class in the Low Adult Jumpers, and Tara and Shelley each won classes in the 1.15m on Hakuna Matada and Red Legend respectively.

Early Summer Classic 2010 Show Results.

The Early Summer Classic boasted a sold out competition.  Competitors from far and wide came to Hunter Creek Farm to compete. Oz horses and riders had a very good week.

In the jumper ring, Madison Cameron and Kantos were Champion in the 1.20meter jumper and were third in the Mini Prix. Musketeer and Kaylee Cox were Champion Children’s Jumper. Shelley Campf andw London won a 1.3m class and were second in both the Open Welcome and the $20,000 Team NW Jumper Classic. Mary Masterson and Glory won the Mini Prix and Callan Christman and Chancellor won the Children’s & Adult Jumper Classic. Leslie Cox and Lenemore’s Cavalier won in the .95 m Adult Jumper and Madeline Coleman and Best Seller won in the .95 m Children’s Jumper on Madeline’s birthday - Happy Birthday Madeline.

The equitation divisions and Medals were dominated by the Oz riders.Vivian Keller was Champion Equitation 15 and Under and also won the USEF Medal. Colleen Biemer was Champion Equitation 16-17. Madison Cameron came home with two big wins, winning the ASPCA Maclay and the USEF Talent Search. Sarah Hingson won a schooling equitation class and was Champion Adult Equitation.

Lastly, the hunter ring continued to prove that Oz is at the top of the heap in all three rings. Costar and Shelley Campf swept the Green Conformationdivision with five wins as well as a second place finish in the HuWCHR Handy Hunter Classic. Alexandra Zell and Costar were Champion in the Adult 50 and Over division. Encore and Shelley Campf were Champion Pre Green 3′0″ and Pre Green 3′3″.  Fremont with Shelley Campf atop were Champion Large Hunter and Fremont and Sarah Hingson were Reserve Champion Adult Hunter 18-30Colleen Biemer and Night Cap were Champion in the Junior Hunter 16-17divison and Madison Cameron and Legatus were Reserve Champion. Morgan Spear and Pixczar were Champion in the Children’s 14-17 Hunter division. Shelley Campf and Rendition were Reserve Champion in the Training Hunter and Lexie Grant was Reserve Champion on him in the Pre-Child Hunters. Colleen Biemer and Penny Lane won the 4 & 5 year old under saddle while Diane Laycoe won the Adult Hunter under saddle on Final Act and won the Modified Child & Adult Under Saddle on Encore.

Great job to all involved. Results Speak Volumes!