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Early Summer Classic 2011 recap

Interesting classes, a great exhibitor party and sun weren’t the only things that made Early Summer Classic enjoyable! Oz’s results continue to speak for themselves as Ozlings rise to the top of their respective divisions.

In the jumper ring, Jeff was Champion Open Jumper with Cartiano Z and Reserve Champion 1.10m jumper with Kantos, while Leslie Cox and Lenamore Cavalier were Reserve Champions in the .85m jumpers. Hunters were also successful: Perseverance, Diane Laycoe’s new horse, was Champion with Shelley in the 4 and 5 year olds.  Exposure and Zizi were Champions in the Adult Hunter 50 & over division. Mon Avis, the new horse of Lauren Worland’s from Triple Rise, was Baby Green Hunter champion with Shelley. Rendition was Champion in the First Year Green Hunters with Shelley as well as in the Children’s Hunters with Lexie, and Legatus and Madison were Reserve Champions in the Junior Hunter 16-17 division. Last, but not least, Korina Winkler and Black Pearl were Reserve Champions in the Long Stirrup Equitation.

            There were also several individual class winners worth recognition. Cartiano Z and Jeff won the Open Welcome 1.40 m class.  This was Carter’s first time at the 1.40m level and he made a fantastic showing.  Apache Joe won in the 7&8 year old jumper division, Lenamore Cavalier and Leslie Cox won two classes in the .85m Jumpers, Chanel and Alexandra Majer won in the High Children’s Jumpers, Contendra and Jeff won in the 1.20m, Locaro Z and Bryan Laycoe won in the Adult Hunter 50 and Over and Night Song and Tara Niculescu won in the Pre-Green 3’3” Hunter division. In addition, Alexandra Ulmer won in the 15 and Under Equitation, Legatus and Shelley won a High Performance Hunter class, Snow Patrol won in his Large Hunter under saddle and Adam 12 and Alexandra Zell won the Schooling Hunter.

            The Early Summer Classic hosted multiple special classes such as the Team NW Jumper Classic, the Mini Prix, The DA Davidsion and Cameron Family Jr/Ao Classic, the USHJA International Hunter Derby, a WCHR Handy Hunter Classic and the National Hunter Classic. Probably the biggest win came with Greyscale and Maggie Dennis who won the $1,000 WCHR Handy Hunter Classic in addition to a 5th place finish in the International Hunter Derby.  In the 1.20 Mini Prix, Jeff and Kantos were 4th and Kaylee and Musketeer finished 5th. In the $20,000 Team NW Jumper Classic Jeff was 8th and 9th with Cartiano Z and Apache Joe. Madison Cameron and Wiberra placed 3rd in the Junior/AO Jumper Classic, while Sam Ortman and Contendra earned 5th. Shelley and Black Pearl were 2nd in the National Hunter Classic.

Overall, the Early Summer Classic was a perfect beginning of summer and a fantastic show for Oz. Congratulation to everyone on their great results!

Saturday evening was the traditional Progressive Aisle Party and this year there was a carnival too. Dave Majer, the BBQ Master, made delicious chicken wings in the Oz aisle.  Thank you Dave – you singlehandedly made the Progressive Aisle party the best ever!  The clowns, great weather, super competition, 200 happy people, and a VERY popular OHJA fundraising Dunk-Tank certainly helped too!

Oregon Trail 2011 Results

The horses at OZ are enjoying a few days of turnout while we get the laundry done from the last two weeks of competing in Wilsonville. I want to thank all of you who act as such outstanding ambassadors of OZ, for your assistance in so many capacities during these events, and for representing Oregon with class. Thanks to Shelley, Hunter Creek had a major facelift this season with an inspired new layout. There were also fantastic displays and awards, compliments of Tara, as well as a host of improvements from the beautiful new jumps to the new and immensely popular hunter derbies.

I would like to make mention of the Champions and Reserve Champions from the Oregon Trail:

Jumper Champions included Musketeer in the 1.10 m and Carter in the 1.15m, while Jumper Reserve Championship honors went to Sam Ortman and Contendra in the 1.20m and to Ali Majer and Chanel in the High Children’s. Oz also dominated the Mini Prix with a big win for me and Kantos!  Kaylee Cox and Musketeer were second and Mary Masterson and Glory were third. Carter and I also made our ‘Big Class’ debut and had an excellent clean first round.  We ultimately finished 6th.

 In the equitation, Oz made a CLEAN SWEEP of the divisions. Zizi Zell was Champion in the Adult Equitation, Alexandra Ulmer was Champion in the 15 & Under division, Maggie Dennis was Champion 16-17 Equitation, and Madison Cameron was Reserve Champion 16-17 Equitation. Great riding ladies.

 The hunters were not to be denied either. Exposure was Champion in the First Year Green, Swagger was Reserve, and Snow Patrol was Champion in the Large Hunters.  Greyscale and Maggie Dennis were Champion in the Junior Hunters 16-17 and Exposure and Alexandra Zell were Champion in the Adult Hunters. Shelley rode Mike and Mollie Gallaway’s Wait and See to the Reserve Championship in the Baby Green Hunters. The National Hunter Classic was great. Pendleton and Swagger were second and third respectively with Tara, and Exposure finished fourth with Shelley.

 Individual class winners included Page Hamilton and Pendleton in the junior hunters, Leslie Cox and Lenamore Cavalier in the .95m jumpers and Madison Cameron continues her dominance in the USET. You can find all of the results on


A Four Wheeled Horse?

Try as we might, we cannot get Rob Bruce on a horse.  We wanted to share with you avid riders, riding of a different variety. Here is a photo of Rob and his “horse”. Rob competes in BMF races. The video of one of his races in Baja, Mexico is a little more gruelling than a casual day at a horse show.

BMF Racing

Mother’s Day Classic 2011 Results – Eugene, Oregon

We had a very good show at the Mother’s Day Classic. It was a nice event and is always the kick-off to the Oregon Show Season. 

Exposure was Champion First Year Green with Shelley and Champion Modified Children’s & Adult Hunter with Zizi at their first show together. The pair also won a class in the Adult Hunter Division.

Rendition was Champion in the Performance Hunter 3′3″ and Reserve Champion in the First Year Green with Shelley and was the mount for Lexie Grant’s tricolor in the 16-17 Equitation Division.

Kohala was Champion in the Small Hunter and Reserve Champion in the  Performance Hunter 3′3″ with Shelley and was Champion in the Children’s Hunter with Stephanie.

Adam 12, ridden by Tara Niculescu, was Reserve Champion in the Small Hunter Division.

Night Song was Champion Pre-Green with Tara Niculescu and won the Adult Hunter Under Saddle and a Schooling Hunter Class with Erica Hass.

Shelley rode Black Pearl to the tricolor in the Large Hunter Division and to the Reserve Championship on a new sale horse, Snow Patrol.

Kantos and Jeff were Champion 1.10m Jumper whileChanel and Ali Majer were Reserve Champions in the High Children’s and Adult Jumpers.

Madison and Legatus won the USET (Madison has won the USET at Mother’s Day for the last four straight years), and the Flat Equitation 16-17.

Maggie Dennis, straight off of climbing Mt Baker, won the WIHS Jumper phase.

Vivian Keller and her young horse Swagger, won the WIHS Overall

Jeff won both 1.15 m jumper classes – one with Wiberra and the other with Cartiano Z.

Oz dominated the National Hunter Classic:

1st- Legatus owned by Merlin and Associates and ridden by Madison Cameron

2nd – Kohala owend by Stephanie Haralabatos and ridden by Shelley Campf

3rd – Swagger owned by Vivian Keller and ridden by Tara Niculescu

4th – Black Pearl owned by Kimberly Bruce and ridden by Shelley Campf

5th – Exposure owned by Alexandra Zell and ridden by Shelley Campf

6th  – Snow Patrol owned by Ken Stovel and ridden by Shelley Campf

Madison made her “big class debut” on Wiberra and finished 6th.

Congratulations to everyone.

Mt Baker – Meet Maggie Dennis

We are so proud of Maggie who reached the summit of Mt Baker only hours before riding Rusty in Eugene.  WOW – GREAT JOB!

Maggie Mt baker climb

Spring National Jumper 2011

Hoping everyone had a happy Easter! It was great for our family, perhaps especially Blake who gratefully discovered that the Easter Bunny knew he was in Monroe. 

Oz had plenty of excellent results to add to the successes of our hunters from the previous week. Special Awards included:

Hillcrest High Point Equitation Rider – Madison Cameron

Leading Amateur Jumper Rider - Samantha Ortman

Leading Professional Jumper Rider – Jeff Campf

The first day of the show was a windfall for Jeff.  He won the 1.0 m jumpers on Greyscale, the 1.10 m jumpers on Musketeer, the 1.15 m jumpers on Contendra, and both7&8 year old jumpers on Apache Joe. He won every class he rode in except for the 1.40m jumper where he finished 2nd by 3/1000thof a second. The next day, Idillio won the 5 & 6 year old jumper class.

Kantos was Champion 1.0m Jumper with both Jeff and Kimberly Bruce contributing to the win.  Kimberly and Kantos were also Reserve Champion 1.0m Adult Jumper. Tara Niculescu and Hakuna Matata were Champion 1.20 m Jumper.  Madison Cameron won the Medal, the Maclay, the  WIHS Hunter Phase and the WIHS Overall. Maggie Dennis won the WIHS Jumper Phase (with Finn!) and was 2nd in the WIHS Overall. Contendra won a 1.20 m Amateur class with Samantha Ortman and Musketeer won a 1.15 m class with Kaylee Cox.

Seems like we had scads of highlights this week,some of which weren’t the wins, but the achievements. Oz riders made a good showing in th 1.20m Futures Class. Rob and Kimberly Bruce generously offered Madison Cameron the ride on her old partner Kantos – the pair finished 7thwith a nice double clean round. Both Kaylee Cox riding Musketeer and Samantha Ortman riding Contendra jumped clear, but each had an unlucky rail in the jump off.  In the Adult Jumper 1.0 m Classic, Kimberly was 2nd and Leslie Cox was 6th.  In the Children’s Jumper Classic, Avery Worthington rode Gavi de Gavi fantastically to a fourth place finish in a very fast class. In the Modified Classic, Kaylee Cox and Musketeer won and were awarded a lovely cooler. In the Low Junior Amateur Classic, Sam and Contendra finished 2nd  while Maggie Dennis and her new jumper, Hologram, finished 6th. Madison Cameron made her debut with Wiberra and the pair finished the weekend witha second place finish in the Junior/Amateur 1.25m Classic.   Looks like it will be a fun summer with Oz Jumpers.

Congratulations to everyone.

Spring National Hunter 2011 – Monroe, Washington

The Spring National Hunter show in Monroe Washington is one of the major, prestigious competitions in the Pacific NW. Oz horses and riders were brilliant!

Here are the highlights:

Lexie Grant was the Leading Children’s Hunter Rider and is leading the NW Standings for the World Champion Hunter Rider Children’s division.

Madison Cameron was the Leading Junior Hunter Rider and is leading the NW Standings for the World Champion Hunter Rider Junior division.

Tara Niculescu is leading the NW Standings for the World Champion Hunter Rider Emerging Professional division.

Shelley Campf  is leading the NW Standings for the World Champion Hunter Rider Professional division.

The horses were great too:

Kohala, owned by Stephanie Haralabatos and ridden by Shelley Campf were Champion Green Conformation and Reserve Champion Small Hunter

Greyscale, owned by Maggie Dennis and ridden by Shelley Campf were Reserve Champion Green Conformation

Night Song, owned by Erica Hass and ridden by Tara Niculescu swept the division to be named Champion Pre-Green 3’3. Night Song also won the Adult 18 -39  under saddle.

Legatus, owned by Merlin and Associates and ridden by Madison Cameron swept the division to be named  Champion Junior Hunter 16 – 17. Madison was also Champion Equitation 16 – 17 equitation, won the USEF Medal and the USEF Talent Search. The duo also topped the field in the WCHR Handy Hunter Challenge! Madison and ‘Davey’ won every class they were entered in except for the ASPCA Maclay where she placed 2nd.  What a show!! Congratulations Madison.

Rendition, owned and ridden by Lexie Grant, were  Champion Children’s  Hunter 15 – 17 and also won the THIS Medal.

Great results Team Oz!

Shelley Campf is Qualified for the $500,000 Diamond Mills Hunter Prix

Early in the competition year, Shelley Campf is qualified to compete in the $500,000 Diamond Mills Hunter Prix Final held in Saugerties, NY on September 10, 2011.

Team NW Spring Hunter Jumper Show 2010

The Team NW Equestrian Sports Spring Hunter Jumper Show was attended by only a few Oz horses and riders but nevertheless, we had a great show.

Toutle River Stable’s new horse Swagger was the star of the show.  Tara Niculescu piloted him to wins in the Performance Hunter 3′6″ as well as taking home the Championship for the Green Working Hunter division. Vivian Keller rode Swagger to the Championship in the Junior Hunter Division and rode him for her equitation classes as well.  Vivian was Champion Junior/Amateur Equitation 3′3″ and won the prestigious USEF Medal.

Erica Hass’ horse, Night Song, was Champion Pre Green Hunter with Tara Niculescu in the tack. He also made his debut with Erica in the Adult Hunter division.  This is a promising pair.

Kimberly Bruce had never competed in the jumper ring before, but made a stellar debut on her horse Kantos. She was awesome and astoundingly consistent.   The pair finished with a Championship in the 0.75m and a Reserve Championship in the Low Adult Jumpers. This competitive pair is a force to be reckoned with.

Maggie Dennis’ new horse, Hologram, came to the show for a few days. Jeff Campf rode him to victory in the 1.30 m class while Maggie finished 2nd in the USEF medal to her stablemate Vivian Keller.

Desert Circuit Wrap-Up Error!!

I would like to apologize for excluding Leslie Cox and Lenamore Cavalier from the Desert Circuit Wrap up.  It has since been amended but I wanted to correct the error in this post as well.

Lenamore Cavalier and Leslie Cox – Second Half Circuit Champions - Modified Child & Adult Jumper