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Mid Circuit Awards Update and Correction


Maggie Dennis and Greyscale were Mid-Circuit Reserve Champions in Thermal for the Large Junior Hunters 16-17. Great job Maggie!

Alexandra Ulmer and Val D’Isere were Mid-Circuit Champions in Thermal for the Level 1 jumpers.

We regret that we did not include them in the Mid Circuit wrap up post.



Wow, Week III at Thermal was a home run for the team!!  I’m already hoping I don’t leave anything out, but here is some of the best..
Shelley and Kohala were ….. AMAZING! Of the six classes they won 3 firsts and 3 seconds in the Green Conformation which netted the pair not only the Week III Championshipbut contributed to the hugely prestigious Mid Circuit Championship as well. Speaking of Mid Circuit Champions, Madison Cameron and Legatus are leading the circuit with the Mid Circuit Championship in the Equitation 16-17 and a third in both the USEF Medal and the ASPCA Maclay- Great Job!!  Maggie Dennis and Greyscale are looking like a finished product, blending together into a beautiful team with a fourth place finish in the USEF Medal, a win in the Junior Hunters and culminating with winning the Large Jr Hunter Classic this past Sunday. Diane Laycoe and Final Act were DC III Champions in the Adult Hunters 56 and over, while Bryan Laycoe and Locaro Z were Reserve.  Great Laycoe domination!  My favorite class was when Diane, Zizi Zell and Bryan were 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the AA Hunters! Not to be forgotten, the amazing Zizi, who arrived wk 3 and simply rode into the show ring and won her 1st class of 2011 on Adam-12. Kathy Waldorf and Penny Lane jumped in the Adult Equitation 2′ and Modified Adult Hunter taking home the Reserve Championship in both.  Pretty fantastic since Kathy has not jumped a course in 8 years! Seems long-winded, but I can’t leave out the huge value of the ‘Thermal Experience’ for the learning curve of all of our riders. Jane Hood improved out of the pastel ribbons and into the primary colors, Stephanie Haralabatos won the Under Saddle, Alexandra Ulmer had victories in both equitation and jumpers, and Kimberly Bruce debuted as an Oz rider and jumped the 3′0″ for the first time! 

On the other side of the fence in the jumper venues, Zenon and I won in the Level 4 and finished off the first half with the Mid Circuit Reserve Championship Level 4 Jumper. Red Legend is a true show horse. He and I  had terrific, consistent finishes bringing home good paychecks. Lea Snyder and Hakuna Matada jumped the very difficult High Amateur Owner Jumpers.  Lea had a great tour and is really riding well (not just because of the new stirrups:) we’ll really miss her during this 2nd half. Mary Masterson and Glory are models of consistency. Their times get faster and faster (with a little gentle prodding) and the pair finished off the first half with a good paycheck in the $4,000 Low Jr/AO Jumper Classic.

We’ll keep you posted…..
            Many thanks for the most enjoyable 1st half ever!  Jeff

2011 Desert Circuit II Results – Thermal, California

While Desert Circuit I was unseasonably warm, Desert Circuit II was unseasonably cold.  Shelley complained about the cold all week long and even took Betsy up on her offer to give her the vest off of Betsy’s back.  Sunday was sunny and we hope for warmer weather this week.

Kohala was a good boy again. He was Reserve Champion in the Green Conformation. 

Madison Cameron was Reserve Champion in the 16-17 Equitation Division, 4th in the USEF Talent Search Medal, 7th in the ASPCA Maclay and  9th in the WIHS.  Good consistency Madison!

Maggie Dennis was very consistent all week too, finishing 1st in the 16-17 Equitation Over Fences and 6th in the ASPCA Maclay.  Maggie was also 2nd, 2nd, 3rd and 6th in the Large Junior Hunters riding Greyscale

Diane Laycoe and Final Act had a fantastic week.  She was Reserve Champion in the Adult Equitation 46 and Over and was 1st and 2nd in the AA Hunters 56 & over. Bryan Laycoe and Locaro Z have been terrific and were second in the Adult Hunters.

Alexandra Ulmer has officially jumped 3′6″ at a horse show. She was 2nd in the THIS Children’s Medal and 4th and 5th in the very competitive 14-15 Equitation Division. Her jumper rounds are more ’smooth’ than ‘fast’, but Shelley and Jeff love smooth at this stage.

Jane Hood has been improving at an exponential rate.  We all gave her the honorary MIC Award (Most Improved Client).

Legatus and Jeff were Champions in the Level 3 Jumpers. Zenon and Jeff were Reserve Champions in the Level 4 Jumpers and Red Legend and Jeff had very consistent results in the Level 5 Jumper Division.

Lea Snyder and Hakuna Matata had a great week with consistent results. The Junior Amateur Medium Classic had 49 starters and Lea finished 12th with a very fast 4 four faults in the jump off.

Colleen Biemer began showing this week and was 8th in the ASPCA Maclay and 7th in the WIHS Hunter Phase.

2011 Desert Circuit I Results- Thermal, California

The weather for the first show week in Thermal was outstanding! We all had a lovely time and had good results.

Kohala started the circuit off with a bang winning the Green Conformation Model.  We were proud of him and to quote Susan Haralabatos, “we are proud of his stylist, Erasmo.” Kohala won great ribbons in his division winning two of the classes.

Greyscalewas second in his model and won in the Regular Conformation with Shelley and in the Junior Hunters with Maggie Dennis.

Val D’Isere and Alexandra Ulmer started their week off with a bang winning the THIS Children’s Medal. They competed successfully in the equitation, hunters and jumpers and got great ribbons in all three disciplines.

Jeff topped the field in the Level 3 jumper warm up in the Grand Prix field on Red Legend and was had great results in the very competitive Level 5 Jumpers.

Mary Masterson and Gloryhad a great week with consistent placings.  The pair finished the week with a 5th place finish in the Low Junior Amateur Classic. Zenon and Jeff were consistently competitive in the Level 4 jumpers.

Jane Hood and Adriana made their OZ debut and made us all proud and Black Pearlfinished 7th in the very prestigious Devoucoux Hunter Derby.