Mother’s Day Classic 2013- Eugene, Oregon

Team Oz had a wonderful week at the Mother’s Day Classic in Eugene!

Championships Include:
Pirouette and Shelley Campf- Green Working Hunter
Prince of Thieves and Shelley Campf- Performance 3’6” Hunter
Knightsbridge- Performace 3’3” Hunter
Kilkenny Chancellor and Shelley Campf- Pre-Green Hunter
Rembrandt and Tara Niculescu- Small/Large Hunter
Laura Ferran- Equitation 18 & Over
Gettysburg and Emily Perkins- Children’s Hunter
Desert Crown and Jeff Campf- 1.10 M Jumper

Reserve Championships Include:
Wembley and Tara Niculescu- Performace 3’6” Hunter
Rendition and Shelley Campf- Performance 3’3” Hunter
Bertolucci and Shelley Campf- Pre-Green Hunter
Bertolucci and Shelley Campf- Small/Large Hunter
Pirouette and Shawna Dash- Amateur-Owner 3’3” Hunter
Prince of Thieves and Katherine Dash- Junior Hunter
Locaro Z and Bryan Laycoe- Adult Amateur Hunter
Fable and Megan Godsby- Children’s Hunter
Katherine Dash- Equitation 17 & Under
Lexie Franklin- Equitation 18 & Over
Zara II and Alexandra Majer

Additional Class Winners Include:
Zeppelin and Tara Niculescu in Performance 3’6”, Locaro Z in Performace 3’3”, Rembrandt and Laura Ferran in the Amateur-Owner 3’3”, Cornino and Lisa Lamoreaux in the Pre-Adult, Katie Mack in the USEF Medal, Katherine Dash in the Maclay, Bryan Laycoe in the OHJA Child/Adult Medal and the Team NW Adult Medal, Ethan John in the Team NW Children’s Medal, Jeff and Cartiano Z in the Welcome Jumper, Unique and Aislinn Lamoreaux in the .95 M Jumpers, Jeff and Loverboy in the 1.15 M Jumpers, Zara II and Alexandra Majer in the 1.15 M Jumpers and High Child/Adult Jumpers, Shelley and Zaloubet in the 1.30 M Jumpers, Magnum Rosetta and Samantha Ortman in the Junior/Amateur Jumpers, Union and David Robinson in the Junior/Amateur Jumpers.

Shelley and Shawna Dash’s Pirouette were awarded the Alexander Perpetual Trophy for Green Working Hunters as a result of their Tri-Color win. Oz horses and riders showed well in the Team NW Jumper classic with Jeff and Apache Joe and Tami Majer and Cartiano Z claiming the 2nd and 3rd spots both with double clear rounds.

Congratulations Team Oz!

See below for Luke and Bryan showing off their signature style :)

Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 11.01.28 AM

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