Evergreen Classic 2013- Carnation, Washington

Oz traveled north this week to attend the beautiful Evergreen Classic. The scenic surroundings were the perfect backdrop for an awesome week…

Championships Include:
Pirouette and Shelley Campf- First Year Green Hunters
Bertolucci and Shelley Campf- Pre-Green Hunters
Bertolucci and Shelley Campf- Pre-Green Hunters 3’3”
Wembley- Performance Hunters 3’3”
Playlist and Shelley Campf- Baby Green Hunters
Mandela and Katherine Dash- Junior Hunters
Hologram and Maggie Dennis- Amateur Owner/Junior Jumpers
Musketeer and Leslie Cox- Adult Amateur Jumpers 40 & Over

Reserve Championships Include:
Rumor Has It and Shelley Campf- Small Hunters
Knightsbridge- Performance Hunters 3’6”
Le Cavalier and Shelley Campf- High Performance Hunters
Pirouette and Shawna Dash- Amateur Owner Hunters 3’3”
Playlist and Alexandra Zell- Adult Amateur Hunters 50 & Over
Stephanie Von Gortler- Adult Equitation 40 & Over
Katherine Dash- Equitation 13 & Under
Zaloubet and Jeff Campf- 1.40 Jumpers
Zaloubet and Jeff Campf- 1.30 Jumpers
Je Revel and Jeff Campf- 1.20 Jumpers
Valdemar and Jeff Campf- 1.15 Jumpers
Zara II and Alexandra Majer- Adult Amateur Jumpers 18-39

Additional Class Winners Include:
Olivia EuroStar and Jeff Campf in the 1.15 M Jumpers, Magnum Rosetta and Samantha Ortman in the 1.40 M Jumpers, Wiberra and Madison Cameron in the Junior/Amateur Jumpers, Perseverance and Shelley Campf in the First Year Green Hunters, London and Jeff Campf in the 1.40 M Jumpers, Union and David Robinson in the Junior/Amateur Jumpers, Mandela in the High Performance Hunters, Legatus and Alexandra Ulmer in the Junior Hunters, Rendition and Lexie Franklin in the Amateur Owner 3’3”, Rumor Has it and Stephanie Von Gortler in the Adult Amateur 40-49 U/S.

Kristin Cox and Musketeer won top honors in the Adult Jumper Classic, with Tami Majer and Cartiano Z doing the same in the Amateur Owner/Junior Jumper Classic.

Shelley and Robin Kellogg’s Bertolucci finished second in the USHJA National Hunter Derby. Shelley and Robin’s Le Cavalier also grabbed second place in the $10,000 USHJA International Derby with Dustin and Ethan John’s Knightsbridge following in third.

Jeff and David Robinson’s Valdemar came out on top of the Mini Prix, with Stephanie Osmond and Je Revel following in second, and Jeff and Zaloubet finishing fourth.

Jeff and Apache Joe went double clear in the Grand Prix of Evergreen, finishing second overall. London and Jeff also made it to the jump off and finished fourth.

Oz was well recognized in the overall rider standings with Shelley being named Best Professional Hunter Rider, Jeff being named Best Professional Jumper Rider, and Katherine Dash finishing the week as Best Junior Rider.

Nicely done Team 🙂

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