Capital Challenge – October 1 – 9, 2016

Dustin and Shelley started their East coast tour at the Capital Challenge. We had several riders participate in the WCHR Challenges, including Shelley (Professional), Dustin (Developing Professional), Emily Hutson (Amateur Owner 3’6”), Briteney Mercer (Amateur Owner 3’3”), Emily Perkins (Junior Hunter 3’6”), and Stephanie Von Gortler (Adult Amateur).
After a grueling qualifying season, BRITENEY MERCER and RACHEL VAN ALLEN qualified to compete in the Ariat National Medal Finals, and both rode beautifully. Rachel (on a catch ride, no less!) narrowly missed a ribbon. Great job, ladies!
Please see full results below:

4th – NEW ENGLAND and EMILY PERKINS in the Small Junior Hunter 15 & Under
6th – MAPLE BAY and STEPHANIE VON GORTLER in the Adult Amateur Hunter U/S
7th – MAPLE BAY and Shelley in the First Year Green Working Hunter
7th – NEW ENGLAND and Shelley in the Regular Conformation – Model
8th – MAPLE BAY and DUSTIN GOODWIN in the WCHR Developing Pro Challenge
8th – BRITENEY MERCER in the Adult Amateur Equitation O/F
8th – CONVICTION and BRITENEY MERCER in the Amateur Owner 3’3” U/S
8th – CONVICTION and Shelley in the Green Conformation – Model
8th – VALENCIA and Dustin in the Regular Conformation – Model

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