Capital Challenge Upper Marlboro, MD

Capital Challenge marks the beginning of the indoor tour. This horse show draws the best hunters from across the country to compete. Four Horses from OZ made the long journey to Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Shelley Campf, Emily Hutson, Emily Perkins, Zoe Stascausky, and Sophie Lang held their own against the formidable competition.

Commonwealth owned by SAS LLC ridden by Shelley Campf competed in the High Performance Hunters placing 8th and 9th over jumps and 4th under saddle. Shelley also qualified for the World Champion Hunter Rider Pro Challenge. Competing against the best professionals in the country Commonwealth and Shelley took 9th place.

Commonwealth owned by SAS LLC ridden by Emily Hutson competed in the 3′6″ Amateur Owners placing 7th and 9th over jumps and 5th under saddle. Emily also participated in the WHCR 3′6″ Amateur Owner Challenge taking the 10th place spot.

Valencia owned by SAS LLC ridden by Zoe Stascuasky excelled in the 12 and under Equitation taking two 3rd place ribbons.

New England owned and ridden by Emily Perkins showed beautifully in the 16 year old Equitation earning 5th place.

Paradigm owned and ridden by Sophie Lang had a very successful show receiving two 5th place ribbons in the 17 year old Equitation and 7th in the 16-17 Large Jumior Hunters.

Capital Challenge also marks the finale of World Champion Hunter rider National Standings. Riders earn points through out the year to capture the coveted awards.

Shelley Campf 10th Place National WCHR Professional

Rachel Spears 4th Place National WCHR Developing Professional

Emily Hutson 7th Place National WCHR 3′6″ Amateur Owner

Zoe Stascausky 7th Place National WCHR 3′3″ Junior Hunter

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