HITS Desert Circuit VIII 2019


Belvedere owned by Ellen Brown ridden by Zoe Stascausky
Small Junior Hunter 3′3”

Catoya owned and ridden by Caroline Strek
Adult Jumpers 18-35

Reserve Champions

Churchill owned and ridden by Ellen Brown
Pre- Adult Hunters

G- Star owned by Dunn Rite Farms ridden by Emily Perkins
Children’s Jumpers 16-17

Top Placings

Emily Perkins
1st USEF Hunt Seat Medal
10th Ronnie Mutch

Tender Star owned by Ellen Brown and OZ Investments ridden by Jeff Campf
4th Johnson Horse Transport Welcome
5th KindredBio Jumper Classic

Dauphin owned by Andrea Snyder ridden by Alexa Webber
4th 1.45m Amateur Owner/ Junior Jumper Classic

Don Vito
owned by SAS LLC ridden by Quinn Hoffman
6th 1.20m Marshall and Sterling Junior Jumper Classic

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