Desert Circuit V Thermal, CA 2021


Milestone owned by Alyssa Marchington ridden by Jeff Campf

Champion 3’3″ Performance Hunter

Reserve Champions

Viking D’Eole owned by Katerina Baney ridden by Jeff Campf

Reserve Champion 1.20m Open Jumper

Kinship owned by Avery Worthington ridden by Jeff Campf

Reserve Champion Baby Green Hunter

Go for Blue 14 owned and ridden by Avery Winston

Reserve Champion Low Children’s Jumpers

Emily Perkins

Reserve Champion 18-35 Equitation

Ella Cate Duke

Reserve Champion 14-15 Equitation

Jaclyn Winkler

Reserve Champion Walk/Trot Eq

Top Placings

Reve D owned and ridden by Leslie Cox

Champion 0.75m Classic

Understudy owned and ridden by Ella Cate Duke

2nd Place $1,000 3’3″ Junior Hunter Classic

Tender Star owned by Ellen Brown and OZ Investments ridden by Jeff Campf

7th Place $25,000 Open 1.40m Classic

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