Rocky Mountain Show Jumping Newsletter

John included this note in his weekly newsletter.  It is fun to read and always has interesting news and upcoming events noted in it.  Check it out at:

This past week during the Desert Circuit III tournament, another Hunter Derby was held under the lights on Friday night. Now many RMSJ followers know that for fun, I have participated in a few of these derbies, and have even began hosting some of them during our tournaments….call it an obsession…..or whatever you want, but I am hooked…they are so much fun to ride.  Wanting to perform better in the events, I asked an old friend who I grew up with and who used to compete with years ago to lend me a hand, knowing that she and her husband Jeff have numerous students who are very good in the hunter ring.  Well let me tell you…the saying is true that you can learn something from everyone is true, no matter who you are. I was completely baffled on just how much I didn’t know about how to ride these events properly.  Anyway, It is easy to see why Shelly has such a great business and why there are so many young riders that wish to train with her. She was amazing, and although I missed the second round by one point on my first horse, and did a human impression of a lawn dart on another, I had a great time and enjoyed having some fun with a great friend and an excellent coach. Thanks Shelly!…..John

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