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2013 • 16.2 hh • Westphalian • Gelding • USEF #5516354

Wonderful and experianced Jr/Am 3’3″/3’6″ hunter! Great mover.


2017 • 17.0 hh • Westphalian • Gelding • USEF #5786442

Lovely hunter / equitation prospect. Eligible Green 3’3″.

Ipswich Van Shuttershof

2014 • 16.1 hh • Belgian Warmblood • Gelding • USEF #5671472

Hunter and equitation crossover. Priced to sell!



2011• 16.2 hh • Belgian Warmblood• Mare • USEF #5726544

Wonderful and well schooled hunter. Suitable for anyone and the hack winner!


Cooper 166

2010 • 16.1 hh • Holsteiner • Gelding • USEF #5418364

Winning 1.20 Jumper. Competative, careful, and quick.


Remington C

2009 • 16.0 hh • Hosteiner Cross • Gelding • USEF #5279246

Fantastic .70-.80 jumper! Big stride and brave. True packer.



2009 • 17.1 hh • Holsteiner • Gelding • USEF #5575507

Lovely hunter and equitation beginner packer 2′ – 2’9″.


That’s Right

2014 • 17 hh • Belgian Warmblood • Gelding • USEF #5787046

Great 1.00-1.30 jumper. Comfortable, huge stride, and fast.



2015 • 16.3 hh • KWPN • Mare • USEF #5729889

Wonderful 3′-3’3″ hunter. Eligible Green 3’3″. Safe, honest, big stride.


Cubalibre Tuiliere – SOLD

2014 • 16 hh • Holsteiner • Gelding • USEF #5806179

Congratulations to Jill Farinsky! Special thanks to Lauren and Allison!


Dots & Dashes – LEASED

2010 • 16.3 hh • Holstiener • Mare • USEF #5783649

1.20-1.40 jumper. Perfect to take anyone through the ranks!

Special thanks to Sean Leckie!


Miss Purrfect– LEASED

2007 • 13.3 hh • Welsh (Standard) • Mare • USEF #5266475

“Missy” is the perfect first pony. Kind, fancy, and safe! Available for lease.

Special thank you to Nora and Morgan Thomas and Parkside!

Milestone– SOLD

2013• 16.3 hh • Danish Warmblood • Gelding • USEF #5537369

Generous type, lots of scope, huge stride, and a beautiful jump to match! Currently competing in the 3’6″ Amateur Owner Hunters.


Congratulations to Alyssa Marchington!

April 2023

Ladd Hill – SOLD

Congratulations to Tammy Williams and Davlyn Farms!

Special thanks to Nick Haness and Tara Metzer.


Phenom– SOLD

Congratulations to Lily Johnson!

March 2023

Catoya– SOLD

Special thanks to Erin Duffy and Rachel Croft.


Jackie O De Carlier– SOLD

2009 • 16.1 hh • Belgian Warmblood • Mare • USEF #5103739

Competitive and proven .90 -1.10 horse. Brave, careful, and fast!



Congratulations to Amanda DePaul and Melanie Brazil!

March 2023

Ja’Czmin JSF– SOLD

2011 • 16 hh •North American Warmblood • Mare • USEF #5219510

Wonderful first horse. Safe, honest, and kind. Will do the hunters or jumpers.


Congratulations to Wendy Comstock and Leslie Cox!

February 2023

High Tide – SOLD

2011• 16.2 hh • Holsteiner • Gelding • USEF #5537230

Top Jr/Am jumper! Brave, honest, and competitive. Huge stride with top placings up to the 1.35.


Congratulations to Zoe Stascausky and Kayla Thornton

Galan– SOLD

2010 • 16.2 hh • Mexican Warmblood • Gelding • USEF #5448843

Suitable for anyone from a beginner level to 3’3”/3’6” Hunter, the big Eq, and National/International Hunter Derby. He does it all!



Congratulations to the Duke family!

April 2023

Reve D– SOLD

2009 • 16hh • Irish Sport Horse • Mare • USEF #5616870

Fast and competetive superstar from .70m to 1.10 m. Perfect fun for a child, adult, or beginner.


Congratulations Sweetwater Stables and Ayana Payton!

January 2023

Star Life Hero BZ – SOLD

2012 • 16.2 hh • Zangersheide • Mare • USEF #5622695

Special thanks to Sally Parks at Parkwood!


Silhouette”– SOLD

Special thanks to Heidi Kauffman.

July 2022

WT Exclusive– SOLD

Special thanks to Heidi Kauffman.

July 2022

Fugon– SOLD

Congratulations to Eric, Teri, and Avery Winston on their purchase of Fugon.

May 2022

Tender Star– SOLD

Special thanks to Ivan Rakowsky and Andre Dignelli for helping with the sale.

December 2021


Congratulations to Wendy Burden and Lynn Olson on the sale.

December 2021

Street Legal– SOLD

Special thanks to Carl Weedon.

December 2021


December 2021.

DiCaprio– SOLD

Special thanks to Tammy Chipko.

November 2021

Jackie O De Carlier – SOLD

August 2021.

Bavinio– SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks.

July 2021

Theodore– SOLD

Special thanks to Alicia Saxton.

June 2021

Q- Completely WF– SOLD

Special thanks to Sarah Savin.

June 2021

Golden Rule– SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks. 

April 2021

Candor– SOLD

Special thanks to Jill McGrady.

April 2021

Westport – SOLD

Special thanks to Nick Haness.

March 2021

High Tide WF – SOLD

Special thanks to Heidi Kauffman.

February 2021

New Look – SOLD

Congratulations to Alexandra Zell

August 2020

Milestone – SOLD

Congratulations to Alyssa Marchington

August 2020

Oreal – SOLD

Congratulations to Max Kleinman

Special thanks to Molly Borgadus

July 2020

Ceremony – SOLD

Special thanks to Alex Wilson

March 2020

Night Light – SOLD

Congratulations to Stella Chung

Special thanks to Jim Hagman

February 2020

Lassalle – SOLD

Congratulations to Liz Aul

Special thanks Morgan & Nora Thomas

December 2019

New England – SOLD

Congratulations to Sienna Keane

Special thanks to Ken & Emily Smith

November 2019

Go for Blue 14 – SOLD

Congratulations to Teri Winston

October 2019

Calypso Z – SOLD

Congratulations to Jennifer Hoffmann

Special thanks to Sally Parks

October 2019

Understated – SOLD

Congratulations to Natalia Pantuso

Special thanks to Kendall and Nicole Bourgeois

September 2019

Belvedere – SOLD

Congratulations to Ilene Kurtzman

Special thanks Tammy Chipko

September 2019

Roosevelt – SOLD

Congratulations to Dina Schnitzer

September 2019

Podium – SOLD

Congratulations to Sarah Brody Webb

Special thanks to Lynn Dennis

September 2019

Purview – SOLD

Congratulations to Tara Niculescu

April 2019

Don Vito – SOLD

Congratulations to Quinn Hoffman

April 2019

Commonwealth – SOLD

Congratulations to Savannah Strome

Special thanks to Carleton & Traci Brooks

March 2019

Prosper – SOLD

Congratulations to Paige Walchenbach

Special thanks to Jim Hagman & Lexi Shaw

March 2019

Maple Bay – LEASED

Congratulations to Davlyn Farms and Tammy Williams

Special thanks to Tara Metzner

March 2019

Catoya – SOLD

Congratulations to Caroline Strek

February 2019

Cartiano Z – SOLD

Congratulations to Bakers Ferry Equine

Special thanks to Jill McGrady

November 2018

Loverboy – SOLD

Congratulations to Colleen Milhausen

Special thanks to Sally Parks

January 2019

Editorial – SOLD

Congratulations to Dina Schnitzer

July 2018

Shameless – SOLD

Congratulations to Ally Baker

Special thanks to Kelly Maddox

August 2018

Icebreaker – SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks

Cannavaro – SOLD

Congratulations to Linn Morse

Special thanks to Lindsey Garner

May 2018

Vetyver Du Bois – SOLD

Congratulations to Shasta Howard

Special thanks to Sally Parks

March 2018

Grace of Hearts – SOLD

Congratulations to Carsen Cartledge

Special thanks for Wendy Johnson

March 2018

Starry Night – SOLD

Congratulations to Paul Egger

Special thanks to Molly Graham and John Berney

March 2018

Conviction – SOLD

Congratulations to Valerie Wayne

Special thanks to Lexi Shaw

March 2018

First Lady – SOLD

Congratulations to Mikkel Erikson

Special thanks to Carleton and Traci Brooks

March 2018

Scooby Doo – SOLD

Congratulations to Tamara Sharp

Special thanks to Kay Altheuser

March 2018

Leia – SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks

January 2018

Knowing – SOLD

Congratulations to Janice Leonard

Special thanks to Sally Parks

September 2017

Drachen – SOLD

Congratulations to Alexandra Zell

August 2017

Acclaim – SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks

August 2017

Acoustic – SOLD

Congratulations to Marcia Richardson

Special thanks to Sally Parks

August 2017

He Charmed Me – SOLD

Congratulations to Susan Babitt

Special thanks to David Eith

June 2017

Croquet – SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks and Lindsey Paton

May 2017

For Star – SOLD

Congratulations to David and Emily Breach

Special thanks to Stephanie Simmonds

May 2017

Apache Joe – SOLD

Congratulations to Brooke McLeod

March 2017

Carmelina – SOLD

Special thanks to Wendy Subotich Krohn

March 2017

Class Action – SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks

March 2017

WT Bounce – SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks

February 2017

Ceres Z– SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks

February 2017

Sorcerer – SOLD

Congratulations to Emilie Welles

Special thanks to Lise and Todd Gregory

February 2017

Doretto – SOLD

Congratulations to Leslie Cox

January 2017

Soldier Boy – SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks

December 2016

Legatus – SOLD

Special thanks to Amanda Lyerly

November 2016

Hometown – SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks

September 2016

Cerafina – SOLD

Congratulations to Jessica Gleason

Special thanks to Mike Gallaway and Rachel Marcotte

September 2016

Just Charlie – SOLD

Congratulations to Alicia Gadban

August 2016

Olivia Eurostar – SOLD

Congratulations to Gage Curry

Special thanks to Stephanie Goodman

July 2016

Saint Cloud – SOLD

Congratulations to Brylee Dickey

Special thanks to Lindsey Garner

June 2016.

Simply Theo – SOLD

May 2016

McKinley – SOLD

Congratulations to David Schell

February 2016

Playlist – SOLD

Congratulations to Tate Beteta

Special thanks to Robyn Stiegler

January 2016

Wembley – SOLD

Congratulations to Karen Peterson

Special thanks to Mary Rae Fuller

January 2016

Papyrus – SOLD

Congratulations to the Gochman family

Special thanks to Scott Stewart

October 2015

Kilkenny Esquire – SOLD

Congratulations to Patricia Trunzo

Special thanks to Beka Swan

October 2015

Indy – SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks

October 2015

Athena – SOLD

Congratulations to Diane Laycoe.

July 2015

Joaquin – SOLD

Special thanks to Beka Swan

July 2015

Disco – SOLD

Congratulations to Albert Pinnella

Special thanks to Leslie Steele

April 2015

Cayman – SOLD

Special thanks to Meredith Herman

March 2015

Fable – SOLD

Congratulations to Lexie D’Avella

March 2015

Cornino – SOLD

Special thanks to Kristin Barreto

February 2015

Gettysburg – SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks

March 2015

Knightsbridge – SOLD

Special thanks to Rodney Tulloch

February 2015

Dayshine – SOLD

Special thanks to Jenna Ritchie

February 2015

Penny Lane – SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks

February 2015

Basilio – SOLD

Special thanks to Alexis-Taylor Silvernale

Zadon – SOLD

Congratulations to Lisa Lamoreaux.

Special thanks to Sally Parks.

September 2014

Escada – SOLD

Congratulations to Katie Mack of Oregon City, OR

August 2013

Rumor Has It – SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks.

June 2014

Hologram – SOLD

Congratulations to Bonnie Edmonds of Calgary, Alberta.

Special thanks to Dayton Gorsline and Lisa Carlsen.

February 2014

Amigo – SOLD

Congratulations to Alicia Wilkinson of Waxhaw, North Carolina

Special thanks to Sally Parks

May 2014

Adriana – SOLD

Congratulations to Sandra Teddy of Maple Valley, Washington.

Special thanks to Hunters Run and Colleen Armstrong.

September 2012

On-Wii-Go – SOLD

Special thanks to Sally Parks

March 2014

Hello It’s Me – SOLD

Special thanks to Denize Borges

July 2013

Argentinus – SOLD

Congratulations to Scott & Jennifer Sandell of Portola Valley, CA.
Special thanks to Kelly LaFond.

January 2013

Barcelona – SOLD

Congratulations to Julie Bernstein of New York, NY.

Special thanks to Mindy Darst and Joey Currais.

December 2012

Cassius – SOLD

Congratulation to Leslie Cox of Bainbridge Island, WA.
February 2012

Caviar – SOLD

Congratulations to Heidi Kane of Huntington Beach, CA
Special thanks to Nicole Kane

March 2013

Chanel – SOLD

Congratulations to Kendall Gath of Laguna Beach, CA.
Special thanks to Tracy Baer.
April 2012

Encore – SOLD

Congratulations to Missy Luczak of Charlotte, NC.
Special thanks to Tom Wright.
April 2012

Exposure – SOLD

Congratulations to Clare Sargent of Kenilworth, IL

Special thanks to Caroline and Rush Weeden

October 2012

Galabea 3 – SOLD

Congratulations to Linda Gailey of Huntington Beach, CA.

Special thanks to Tracy Baer.

April 2013

Goodnight Moon – SOLD

Congratulations to Marla Edlen of Portland, Oregon

May 2013

Greyscale – SOLD

Congratulations to Katherine Dash of Yarrow Point, WA

February 2013

Kantos – SOLD

Congratulations Macy Mitchell of Hailey, Idaho

April 2013

Kohala – SOLD

Congratulation to Kristin Kendall of San Ramon, CA.
Special thanks to Diane Yeager.
March 2012

Lindbergh – SOLD

Congratulations to Denise Griffith of Moorpark, CA

Special thanks to Kay Altheuser and Elvenstar.

December 2012

Message to Michael – SOLD

Congratulations to Sandy Nelson of Morgan Hill, CA
Special thanks to Susan Crenshaw.
November 2012

Night Song – SOLD

Congratulations to Heather Elerding of Battle Ground, WA.
Special thanks to Kathy Kerron and Jill McGrady.
May 2012

Pendleton – LEASED

Congratulations to Larry Frye of Atherton, CA.
Special thanks to Nicole Bloom.
March 2012

Puppet – SOLD

Congratulation to John and Stephanie Ingram of Nashville, TN.

Special thanks to Tom Wright.

October 2012

Rembrandt – SOLD

Congratulations to Molly Butler of Portland, Oregon

Special thanks to Kathy Kerron and Jill McGrady

June 2013

Romeo’s Irony Z – SOLD

Congratulations to Clara Moehlman of Fresno, CA.

Special thanks to Jen Hennink.

April 2013

Worth The Wait – SOLD

Congratulations to Laura Maskell of Portland, OR.
Special thanks to Kathy Kerron and Jill McGrady.
August 2012