Horse Care

Oz Incorporated takes horse care seriously. Fitness and conditioning are first and foremost in importance to maintain healthy, sound equine athletes. The Oz team handles every aspect of the care such as an individual feed program with top notch Eastern Oregon hay and the best grains and supplements on the market; individual turnout with appropriate protective equipment in large, lush, green grass paddocks; and coordination with blacksmiths and veterinarians, equine dentists, and any other special care needed for maximum performance. The horse stalls are bedded in shavings and are cleaned daily.

Horse Care Transport - Oz Incorporated owns and operates a tractor trailer for shipping the horses to the events. Experienced shippers always have horses arrive in top competing form.

Full Board and Training Includes

  • Professional Rides and lessons
  • Turn out with appropriate protective equipment
  • Regular trimming of ears, muzzles and fetlocks
  • Coordination of veterinarian and blacksmith activities
  • Maintenance of all records including inoculations, vaccinations, worming, health papers, Coggins tests, FEI passports, FEI Horse & Rider Registration and Rider Applications & Waivers for International Competitions
  • Completion of entry blanks and entering horse shows.
  • Organizing insurance exams.
  • Ordering specialized equipment

Training Schedule

At Oz you and your horse will receive classical training of the American Hunter Jumper System. We offer lessons from beginner to advanced riders in a fun, goal driven atmosphere. Oz Incorporated is open Tuesday through Sunday.

All the horses are worked six days per week or as is determined for their specific need. The experienced horses enjoy more flatwork and less jumping on the non-showing weeks while the green horses jump more often. Each program is tailor made to suit each horse & client situation.

Wednesday thru Friday
Gymnastics and exercises
Saturday & Sunday
Course work & Competition Preparation