December 27, 2009

Memo to all Clients:

What a year we have had. The worry twelve months ago about the economy seems to be subsiding as it shows signs of recovery.  It was a difficult time for us all and we appreciate all of you and your continued support.

The George Morris clinic was great. Jackie, Madison and Colleen made us proud. Jeff and London were the top of the heap and Shelley was fortunate enough to get to ride Jimmy for a day as Jackie was unable to attend.

The USHJA Annual Meeting was a busy time for Jeff and Shelley but the time spent volunteering to the organization to participate in the governance of our sport is always worth it. Shelley was awarded the 2009 USHJA Volunteer of the Year.

The Christmas season is always a busy time with lots of riding and lessons. We feel like we are very well prepared to go off to Thermal to compete.

The OHJA banquet is on Saturday January 9th at The Nines in Portland. If you have not received a request to purchase tickets, please contact the OHJA.  We will be winning many awards this year and hope that many of you will attend.

The silent auction is an important fund raiser for the OHJA.  Sandy Ortman and Susan Shafer have kindly taken on the project of organizing the items for the OZ baskets.  We ask everyone to contribute to this effort in order to make terrific baskets. Special thanks to Sandy and Susan for spearheading this project.

Congratulations to Jackie on the purchase of Intrepid from Karin Hunt – he is an exciting young prospect. Congratulations to Lexie Grant and Mark Franklin on the sale of Denver.  Denver has been sold to a nice family in California. Kendall has brought Tildi back from the east coast to compete in Thermal. Lastly, we would like to welcome Sara Hingson and her horse Freemont to our program.

The horses that are going to Thermal for the first half will see the fees pre-billed on this invoice. Our overhead is very high at Thermal and we have to pre-pay for all of the extra stalls, etc. Please be courteous and pay in full well before the truck leaves. The horses will leave sometime around the 18th to 20th depending on the weather.

The barn is closed on New Year’s Day. You may come and hack but the Oz staff will have the day off.

Happy New Year



November 28, 2009

Memo to all Clients:

We hope you all had a marvelous Thanksgiving holiday.

This month you will notice that you have been charged the Annual Equipment Charge. December is typically the smallest invoice of the year so rather than charging it monthly, we charge it once per year.

The George Morris Clinic will be held at Whip n’ Spur on Dec 4, 5, and 6th.  Madison, Colleen, Jackie and Jeff will all be riding in the clinic. Auditors are welcome for a fee.  It is a great clinic to watch.  The 3’6” session is from 9 to 11 followed by the 4’0” group from 11 to 1 and finished with the top group from 2 to 4. If you choose to go and watch, dress warmly.

On Saturday December 5th, there will be an Open House at Oz hosted by Parlanti and CWD. Tara is going to be the new rep for Parlanti – Italian custom riding boots. The Open House is to kick off her relationship with Parlanti.  Carrine from Parlanti will be here to work with Tara and to measure people for custom boots.  Jeff, Shelley, Tara and Kendall have had Parlanti boots for years. They are beautiful quality. Parlanti has launched a new product that is to compete with the Ariat Monaco boot.  It is less expensive than the traditional boot and is semi custom like the Monaco boots. If you need new boots, be sure to check out Parlanti with Tara. They have beautiful half chaps and have great paddock boots too. Katie, the CWD rep will be here as well if you want to order a saddle.

Jeff and Shelley will be leaving on the red eye December 6th for St Petersburg, Florida to attend the USHJA Annual Meeting. They will not be back until Friday the 11th. The horses will be vaccinated on December 8th so there will not be any lessons that day. The horses will see the dentist on December 9-10.  If you do not want Dr. Klugh to do your horse’s teeth, please notify Tara by email.

The Annual Oz Christmas Party will be on December 12th at 6:00. The dress is Holiday Cocktail.

The horse traffic has really picked up.  Congratulations to the Ortman family on the sale of Q and to Maggie on her purchase of Finn. Lexie has purchased a new horse Oden – he should arrive any day. Erica purchased Mowgli from the Laycoe’s so we feel lucky that he gets to stay at Oz. There have been several horses in and out of Oz for Sam to try while we work on getting her a new partner. The Cox family has brought in their young horse Bachi for training and Roland has gone to Rudy Leone’s place. Oscar, Daisy, Lego, Figli and Teddy have returned as well.

Thermal is fast approaching.  Tara will have entry blanks for you to sign by December 12th. Please have your credit card numbers to her with updated expiration dates ASAP. If you are paying by check, please give her a check and remember that you need to give a check each week in the show office as well. Tara will be mailing the entries on December 22nd before she goes on Christmas vacation. Please have all necessary information including membership renewals to her well before that. Remember to renew your USEF/USHJA, OHJA, PCHA, WSHJA, AHJF and ASPCA memberships. All horses need to be recorded as well. Everyone needs to have USEF/USHJA. We recommend that everyone join OHJA and record the horses for year end points to count. If you are showing in Thermal and Evergreen, you should join PCHA rather than pay non member fees. We only record the owners and riders and not the horses for PCHA.  The Spring National and NW Autumn Finals shows charge a non member fee for WSHJA anyway so you would not have to pay that and would be able to collect points for year- end awards. Horses and riders need to be recorded. The AHJF is for the World Champion Hunter Rider Program. This should be done before Thermal if you are going there – otherwise, it should be done before Spring National. Lastly, the ASPCA is for those riders competing in the Maclay (required). If you have any questions, please see Tara.

Here are the shows that we will be doing in Wilsonville in 2010:

Oregon Trail –  June 16-20, 2010

Early Summer Classic (WCHR)- June 23-27, 2010

Country Classic (WCHR)-July 14-18, 2010

Oregon Summer Show-August 25-29, 2010

NW Spectacular (WCHR) – September 1-5, 2010


Additionally, the WCHR shows for 2010 have now been posted.  For our region the shows are: Spring National, Early Summer Classic, Country Classic, Evergreen Classic, Thunderbird I, NW Spectacular and NW Autumn Finals.


Chad has started a snack bar in the club room using the honor system. Feel free to help yourselves but please be courteous and sign out what you take.

As 2009 draws to a close, we hope you all had a great year. We look forward to working with you all again this upcoming year and thank you for being such great clients.