The Early Summer Classic 2013- Wilsonville, Oregon

Week II of the Wilsonville summer show series, The Early Summer Classic, was a wonderful week for Team Oz. As a World Champion Hunter Rider Show, this week attracted all the best and brightest of the Northwest and beyond. See below to see how everyone did 🙂

Championships Include:
Greyscale and Shelley Campf- Performance 3’3” Hunter
Bertolucci and Shelley Campf- Pre-Green Hunter
Bertolucci and Shelley Campf- Pre-Green Hunter 3’3”
Playlist and Shelley Campf- Baby-Green Hunter
Gettysburg and Emily Perkins- Children’s Hunter 13 & Under
Locaro Z and Bryan Laycoe- Adult Hunter 48 & Over
On-Wii-Go and Tara Niculescu- .95 M Jumpers
Zara II and Alexandra Majer- High Adult Jumper
Loverboy and Bailey Smith- Medium Junior/Amateur Jumper

Reserve Championships Include:
Pirouette and Shelley Campf- Green Working Hunter
Pirouette and Shawna Dash- Amateur Owner Hunter 3’3”
Knightsbridge and Ethan John- Children’s Hunter 14-17
Zeppelin and Korina Winkler- Long Stirrup Equitation
Musketeer and Kristin Cox- 1.0 M Jumper
Cassius and Leslie Cox- High Adult Jumper

Class Winners Include:
Rumor Has It and Shelley Campf in the Training 2’6” Hunters and Training Under Saddle, Kilkenny Chancellor and Shelley Campf in the Pre-Green Hunters, Cornino and Tara Niculescu in the Performance 3”3’ Under Saddle, Perseverance and Shelley Campf in the First Year Green Hunters, Le Cavalier and Shelley Campf in the High Performance Hunters, Rumor Has It and Stephanie Von Gortler in the Adult Hunter 18-48 Under Saddle, Cornino and Lisa Lamoreaux in the Schooling 3’ Hunters, Katelin Mack in the Equitation 15 & Under, Emily Perkins in the OHJA Children’s Medal and the Team NW Children’s Medal, Katelin Mack in the OHJA Junior Medal, Aislinn Lamoreaux and Ironman in the .85 M Jumpers and the Low Child/Adult Jumpers, Union and David Robinson in the Medium JR/AM Jumpers, Bongo and Susan Bernard in the High Adult Jumpers.

Shelley and Robin Kellogg’s Le Cavelier took home the blue ribbon in the WCHR Handy Hunter Classic. Bertolucci (also owned by Robin Kellogg) grabbed 2nd place in the USHJA National Hunter Derby. Jeff and Tami Majer’s Cartiano Z came in 2nd in the Team NW Jumper Classic. Bailey Smith and Loverboy took home top honors in the Junior/Amateur Jumper Classic, with Je Revel and Stephanie Osmond coming in 2nd and David Robinson and Union bringing home 5th.

Great work Team!

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