USHJA Zone 9 Horse of The Year Awards- 2013

Nicely done Team Oz! Congratulations on an amazing season! Look below to see how Oz horses, owners and riders finished in the Zone 9 HOTY standings…

High Performance Working Hunter
Champion- Le Cavalier, Robin Kellogg
Reserve Champion- Mandela, Katherine Dash

First Year Green Working Hunter
Champion- Pirouette, Shawna Dash
3rd Place- First Lady, Lauren Ransone
5th Place- Perseverance, Diane Laycoe

3’3” Pre-Green Hunter
Champion- Bertolucci, Robin Kellogg
5th Place- Playlist, Alexandra Zell

3’ Pre-Green Hunter
Champion- Kilkenny Chancellor, Kilkenny Crest
Reserve Champion- Bertolucci, Robin Kellogg

Regular Conformation Hunter

3rd Place- Greyscale, Katherine Dash
6th Place- Wembley, Alexandra Zell

Junior Hunter- Large 15 & Under

Champion- Greyscale, Katherine Dash
4th Place- Padarco Dolce, Bailey Smith
5th Place- Mandela, Katherine Dash

Junior Hunter Small 15 & Under

Champion- Casablanca, Katie Mack

Amateur Owner Hunter 3’3” 36 & Over

Champion- Pirouette, Shawna Dash
4th Place- Bertolucci, Robin Kellogg

Amateur Owner Hunter 3’3” 18-35
Champion- First Lady, Lauren Ransone
3rd Place- Rendition, Lexie Franklin

Amateur Owner Hunter 18-35

5th Place- Fingerprint

Amateur Owner 36 & Over
3rd Place- Le Cavalier, Robin Kellogg

Adult Amateur 36-49
4th Place- Rumor Has It, Stephanie Von Gortler

Adult Amateur 50 & Over
Reserve Champion- Locaro Z, Bryan Laycoe

Children’s Hunter 13 & Under
Champion- Gettysburg, Emily Perkins

Children’s Hunter 14-17
5th Place- Knightsbridge, Ethan John

Pony Hunter- Small
3rd Place- Hello It’s Me, Emily Perkins

Adult Equitation 18-35
Champion- Lauren Ransone
3rd Place- Lexie Franklin

Adult Equitation 36 & Over
Champion- Shawna Dash

Hunter Seat Equitation 14 & Under
3rd Place- Katherine Dash
6th Place- Emily Perkins

Hunter Seat Equitation 15-17
3rd Place- Bailey Smith
Green Pony Hunter Small
Hello It’s Me, Emily Perkins

7/8 Year Old Jumper
Champion- Desert Crown, David Robinson

Adult Amateur Jumper
Champion- Cassius, Leslie Cox
Reserve Champion- Musketeer, Leslie Cox
3rd Place- Bongo, Susan Bernard
5th Place- Zara II, Alexandra Majer

Amateur Owner Jumper
Champion- Magnum Rosetta, Samantha Ortman
4th Place- Wiberra, Madison Cameron
5th Place- Union, David Robinson

Junior Jumper
3rd Place- Loverboy, Bailey Smith

Low Amateur Owner Jumper
Champion- Union, David Robinson
Reserve Champion- Hologram, Maggie Dennis
3rd Place- Cartiano Z, Tami Majer

Low Junior Jumper
Champion- Loverboy, Bailey Smith

Special Jumper Year End Award-
3rd Place- Cartiano Z, Tami Majer
6th Place- Apache Joe, Oz Investments

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