West Coast Classic – June 24 – 29, 2014

We always feel so fortunate to show at such a beautiful venue. As always, we would like to extend a huge thank you to the management for making it such a great experience. We had a smaller group of jumpers go with Jeff, and we’re so pleased to say that every one of them went beautifully.

Our class winners were:
SUSAN BERNARD’s E-MAGINE in the Open Jumper 0.85m with Jeff
CARTIANO Z, an entry of TAMI MAJER and ridden by Jeff in the Open Jumper 1.30m
WIBERRA, Jeff again with the ride for MADISON CAMERON in the $2,500 Open Jumper 1.35m Classic

Big congratulations to our other top ribbon winners:
2nd – BONGO with owner SUSAN BERNARD in the Adult Amateur Jumper 1.10m
2nd – BOLIVIA, owned by STEPHANIE CLARK and ridden by Jeff
3rd – RYANNA, owned and ridden by ALICIA GADBAN in the Open Jumper 1.25m
3rd – E-MAGINE and owner/rider SUSAN BERNARD in the Junior Amateur Jumper 0.90m
3rd – KANTOS and owner MACY MITCHELL in the Children’s Jumper 1.10m
3rd – WT BOUNCE, owned by AVERY WORTHINGTON and ridden by Jeff in the Training 1.10m Jumper
4th – E-MAGINE and owner SUSAN BERNARD in the Open Jumper 0.85m
4th- ANGELIQUE, an entry of STAR STUDDED, LLC and ridden by Catherine in the Open Jumper 1.20m
4th – CARTIANO Z with owner TAMI MAJER in the $2,500 1.25m Junior/Amateur Challenge

Thank you all for making this week so fun! On to the next…

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