The Country Classic – July 9 – 13, 2014

The Country Classic had a new twist this year with the addition of the Saddle Seat classes held in one of the former hunter rings with hope of introducing the charm and tradition of old-world horse shows like Devon. It was a nice break for spectators being able to see a world so different than our own. It all revolves around the horses we love so much!
We’re happy to report yet another great week for all of our horses and riders.
Champions included:
KILKENNY ESQUIRE, an entry of KILKENNY CREST with Shelley riding in the Baby Green Hunter
CORNINO, owned and ridden by AISLINN LAMOREAUX in the Junior Hunter 3’3”
MUSKETEER and owner LESLIE COX in the High Adult Jumper
PLAYLIST with owner ALEXANDRA ZELL in the Adult Amateur Hunter
SORCERER and owner KERA MCCANDLESS in the Junior Hunter 3’6”
CALLESSANDRO with owner LILIANA KANESHIGE in the Children’s Hunter
CAYMAN and KERA MCCANDLESS in the Junior/Amateur Jumper

Reserve Champions:
LE CAVALIER, Shelley with the ride for ROBIN KELLOGG in the High Performance Hunter
PIROUETTE, with Shelley riding for SHAWNA DASH in the Performance Hunter 3’6”
KILKENNY ESQUIRE, owned by KILKENNY CREST and ridden by Shelley in the Training Hunter 2’6”
GRACE SPIEGEL and Oz Investment’s ADAM 12 in the Restricted Equitation 13 & Under
BASILIO, with Jeff riding for MEGAN O’CONNELL in the 0.95 Jumper
PENNY LANE and owner/rider JILL FOLKESTAD in the High Adult Jumper
PLAYLIST, owned by ALEXANDRA ZELL and ridden by Shelley in the Pre-Green Hunter
LEGATUS and owner ALEXANDRA ULMER in the Junior Hunter 3’6”
RENDITION, with GRACE SPIEGEL riding for LEXIE FRANKLIN in the Children’s Hunter

Additional Class Winners:
GETTYSBURG, Dustin riding for EMILY PERKINS in the Performance Hunter 3’3”
MORRISON and owner AMY BERMAN in the Adult Amateur Hunter
CONVICTION with owner BRITENEY MERCER in the Adult Amateur Hunter
CONVICTION and Shelley riding for BRITENEY MERCER in the Pre-Green Hunter
KATELIN MACK aboard her own CASABLANCA in the ASPCA Maclay Horsemanship Class
MANDELA and Jeff riding for KATHERINE DASH in the 1.15m Jumper
CERAFINA, an entry of LISA LAMOREAUX piloted by Jeff in both the 1.20m and 1.30m Jumpers
STEPHANIE VON GORTLER in the Adult Equitation on the Flat aboard LUMINOUS
KERA MCCANDLESS with her SORCERER in the OHJA Junior Medal

$20,000 1.40m Team NW Jumper Classic
3rd – CERAFINA, owned by LISA LAMOREAUX and ridden by Jeff
6th – CARTIANO Z and Jeff riding for TAMI MAJER
8th – PEGASUS owned and ridden by STEPHANIE CLARK

$10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby
2nd – LE CAVALIER and Shelley riding for ROBIN KELLOGG
5th – CALLESSANDRO and Dustin riding for LILIANA KANESHIGE
8th – KNIGHTSBRIDGE, piloted by owner ETHAN JOHN
10th – INVERNESS, with Dustin aboard riding for LISA LAMOREAUX

$2,000 1.20m Mini Prix
2nd – CARTIANO Z with owner TAMI MAJER
3rd – ANGELIQUE and Catherine
4th – VETYVER DU BOIS and Jeff riding for MADISON CAMERON
6th – CASABLANCA, owned and ridden by KATELIN MACK
Shelley girls walking
Zizi Ellis

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