Northwest Spectacular – August 27 – 31, 2014

The NW Spectacular was a great end to the 2014 Wilsonville circuit. This week facilitated a number of exciting classes—$2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby, $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby, $2,000 1.20m Mini Prix, $3,000 Junior/Amateur Jumper Final, $1,000 Child/Adult Jumper Final, $1,000 Low Child/Adult Jumper Final, $20,000 Team NW Jumper Classic, and all respective sections of the OHJA Medal Finals. As always, we were so proud to be represented by a wonderful group of horses and riders. It’s very rewarding to watch everyone develop over the course of a season, and also very rewarding to see hard work recognized in these finals.

Congratulations to all of our champions this week:
LE CAVALIER, owned by ROBIN KELLOGG and shown by Shelley in the Performance Hunters 3’6”;
LANCET, owned by STEPHANIE CLARK and ridden by KARSON PARRY in the Children’s Hunter 13 & Under;
KILKENNY ESQUIRE, an entry of KILKENNY CREST and shown by Shelley in the Baby Green Hunter;
RENDITION, owned by LEXIE FRANKLIN and shown by Shelley in the Small Hunter;
SORCERER, owned by KERA MCCANDLESS and ridden by Shelley in the Conformation Hunter (winning every class!);
SORCERER, owned and ridden by KERA MCCANDLESS in the Equitation 15 & Under;
NEW ENGLAND, an entry owned and shown by EMILY PERKINS in the Junior Hunter 3’3”;
CERAFINA, owned by AISLINN LAMOREAUX and shown by Jeff in the 1.30m Jumper;
VETYVER DU BOIS, owned and ridden by AISLINN LAMOREAUX in the High Children’s Jumper;
LEGATUS with owner ALEXANDRA ULMER in the Junior Hunter 3’6”.

And our Reserve Champions:
FABLE and owner MEGAN GODSBY in the Equitation 15 & Under;
LUMINOUS, an entry of MEG FARINSKY and ridden by GRACE SPIEGEL in the Restricted Equitation 13 & Under;
ANGELIQUE, owned and shown by CATHERINE GREGORY in the 1.30m Jumper
LOCARO Z with owned BRYAN LAYCOE in the Adult Amateur Hunter
CASABLANCA and owned KATELIN MACK in the Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper

Special Class winners:
LE CAVALIER and Shelley – $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby
CAYMAN and KERA MCCANDLESS – $3,000 Junior/Amateur Jumper Finals
MUSKETEER and KRISTIN COX – $1,000 High Adult Jumper Finals
CERAFINA and Jeff – $2,000 Mini Prix

Other class winners:
CAYMAN and KERA MCCANDLESS in the Low Junior/Amateur Jumper
LEGATUS and ALEXANDRA ULMER in the Pessoa/USEF Hunter Seat Medal
CASABLANCA and KATELIN MACK in the ASPCA Maclay Horsemanship Medal
CASABLANCA and KATELIN MACK again in the OHJA Junior/Senior Medal Qualifier
KNIGHTSBRIDGE and ETHAN JOHN in the Junior Hunter 3’6” U/S
INVERNESS and Dustin in two Performance Hunter 3’6” classes
KANTOS and MACY MITCHELL in the Modified Junior/Amateur Jumper
CALLESSANDRO and Dustin in the Green Working Hunter
LOCARO Z and Dustin in the Performance Hunter 3’3”
SORCERER and KERA MCCANDLESS in the Junior Hunter 3’6”
CORNINO and AISLINN LAMOREAUX in the Junior Hunter 3’3” U/S
RENDITION and GRACE SPIEGEL in the Children’s Hunter 13 & Under U/S
CAMELOT LS and KATIE SPUTH in the High Children’s Jumper
BASILIO and Catherine in the 0.95m Jumper
SUNDAY DOUGLAS and ETHAN JOHN in the 0.95m Jumper

Great job, everyone! We’re now looking ahead to the Northwest Autumn Classic in Monroe, home of our Maclay Regionals. Congratulations to Katie and Kera for qualifying!


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