Spruce Meadows North American – June 30 – July 5, 2015

Our second week in Calgary was at the North American tournament. This was the week of the Queen Elizabeth II Cup, one of the most prestigious grand prix in North America. Blake facilitated our poor man’s betting pool for all the feature classes this week, keeping us all on our toes!

The horses had another great week jumping on the grass. They all faced big challenges and made huge progress over the course of these two weeks. Congratulations to our ribbon winners:

3rd – CATOYA and JEFF CAMPF in the $1,000 ATCO 1.20m Jumper
6th – CARTIANO Z and TAMI MAJER in the $1,000 Coril Holdings 1.20m Jr/Am Jumper
7th – KILKENNY COLBERT and JEFF CAMPF in the $1,000 ATCO 1.25m Welcome
8th – CERAFINA and ALICIA GADBAN in the $15,000 Friends of the Meadows 1.30m Jr/Am Cup
9th – ANGELIQUE and CATHERINE GREGORY in the $7,000 Friends of the Meadows 1.30m Welcome

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