The Oregon Trail June 14-18, 2017—Wilsonville, OR

Podium and Shelley Campf—Champions Young Hunter 3’
Purview and Shelley Campf—Champions Young Hunter 3’3”
Grace of Hearts and Dustin Goodwin—Champions Green Hunter 3’
Prosper and Shelley Campf—Champions Green Hunter 3’3”
Acoustic and Shelley Campf—Champions Green Hunter 3’6”
Belvedere and Shelley Campf—Champions Performance Hunter 3’3”/3’6”
Shameless and Dustin Goodwin—Champions High Performance Hunter
Xceptional and Dustin Goodwin—Champions USHJA 2’6” Hunter
Per Se and Shelley Campf—Champions Baby Green Hunter 2’6”
Kootenay and Rachel Van Allen—Champions Adult Amateur Hunter
Knowing and Emily Slusher—Champions Junior Hunter 3’3”
New England and Emily Perkins—Champions Junior/Amateur Owner Hunter 3’6”
Valencia and Zoe Stascausky—Champions Children’s Hunter
Zadon and Jeff Campf—Champions 1.00m Jumper
Cassius and Leslie Cox—Champions High Adult Jumper 1.10m
Daytona and Grace Boyle—Champions High Children’s Jumper 1.10m
Catoya and Bailey Smith—Champions Modified Junior/Amateur Jumper 1.15m
Emily Perkins—Champion Equitation 15 and Under
Rachel Waddell—Champion Equitation 16-17
Rachel Van Allen—Champion Adult Equitation 18-39
Kate Williams—Champion Adult Equitation 40 and Over
Ellen Brown—Champion Pre-Adult Equitation

Grace of Hearts and Dustin Goodwin—Reserve Champions Young Hunter 3’3”
Kootenay and Shelley Campf—Reserve Champions Green Hunter 3’3”
Editorial and Dustin Goodwin—Reserve Champions High Performance Hunter
Zeppelin and Shelley Campf—Reserve Champions USHJA 2’6” Hunter
Shameless and Kate Williams—Reserve Champions Amateur Owner Hunter 3’3”
Editorial and Rachel Waddell—Reserve Champions Junior/Amateur Owner Hunter 3’6”
Carat F and Alyvia Smart—Reserve Champions .70m Beginning Jumper
Carat F and Alyvia Smart—Reserve Champions .75m Jumper
Tribute and Dustin Goodwin—Reserve Champions 1.00m Jumper
Smooth Criminal and Emily Perkins—Reserve Champions Modified Junior/Amateur Jumper 1.15m
Scooby Doo and Valeska Bruce—Reserve Champions Short/Long Stirrup Hunter
Zoe Stascausky—Reserve Champion Equitation 15 and Under
Emily Hutson—Reserve Champion Adult Equitation 18-39
Dina Schnitzer—Reserve Champion Pre-Adult Equitation

Belvedere and Shelley Campf—Second in the USHJA National Hunter Derby
Prosper and Shelley Campf—Winner USHJA Green Hunter Challenge
Ninou 2 and Jeff Campf—Winner of the 1.25m Team NW Jumper Classic
Vetyver du Bois and Aislinn Lamoreaux—Winner 1.10m High Child/Adult Jumper Classic
Grace Spiegel—Winner of the ASPCA Maclay
Rachel Van Allen—Winner of the OHJA Children’s/Adult Medal
Emily Perkins—Winner of the OHJA Junior/Senior Medal 3’6”
Rachel Van Allen—Winner Ariat National Adult Medal
Emily Perkins—Winner Team NW Medal 3’6”
Kaylyn McGrady—Winner Dibbons Cup Sportsmanship Award

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