The Oregon Summer Classic in Wilsonville on August 25-29, 2010 was a fun event and the Oz riders had a great week.


Red Legend and Jaimie Ackerman – 1.20 m; Lenamore Cavalier and Leslie Cox – Low Adult Jumper; Hakuna Matata and Lea Snyder – Junior Amateur Owner Jumper; Encore and Shelley Campf – 3’0″ and 3’3″ Pre-Green; Rendition and Tara Niculescu- Small Hunter; Skybird and Shelley Campf – Open Hunter; Greyscale and Shelley Campf – Green/Regular Hunter; Avery Worthington – Equitation 15 and Under; Madison Cameron – Equitation 16-17 and Musketeer and Kaylee Cox – Children’s Jumper.

Reserve Champions:

Night Song and Tara Niculesce – Baby Green; Best Seller and Tara Niculescu – .95 Jumper; Val D’Isere and Jeff Campf – 1.15m Jumper; Kantos and Madison Cameron – Junior Amateur Jumper; Mr. Brightside and Jesse Stark – Low Adult Jumper; Adam and Tara Niculescu – Training Hunter; Kohala and Jeff Campf – Small Hunter; Greyscale and Jeff Campf Open Hunter; and Skybird and Avery Worthington – Junior Hunter.


Encore and Jeff Campf won the USHJA National Hunter Classic while Greyscale and Shelley Campf were second. Kohala won the second round with Shelley aboard finishing fourth overall.  Madison Cameron and her horse Legatus had a sixth place finish.

Madison won the Hillcrest Medal Finals! Vivian Keller finished second and Maggie Dennis finished third.  Nice domination girls! Avery Worthington finished seventh.

The $10,000 Jumper Classic had a nice Oz showing as well. Liza Wheeler and Concerta won, Jeff and London were second, Madison and Kantos were third, and Lea Snyder and Hakuna Matata were sixth.

Other Class Winners:

Best Seller won in the .85 Jumpers; Lenamore Cavalier and Leslie Cox won in the .85; Chanel and Ali Majer won in the .95; Red Legend and Hakuna Matata both won in the 1.10m with Jeff; Adam and Tara Niculescu won in the Schooling Hunter; Madison and Vivian both won their sections of schooling equitation; and Val D’Isere and Jeff won in the 1.15 m and Kohala won the Low Hunter.

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