Week IV – Thermal

Oz blog Mar 1
 Hey all, 
 Just a quick update from the desert. We were very sorry to have to say goodbye to some of you after a fun and fantastic 1st half-circuit, but I do, reluctantly, understand that other commitments need to be attended to!
  The off week started off with 3 days of rain and a messy facility. We were very grateful that the weather had been perfect for all the competition days for all of us. Wk4 seems to have flown by, as we welcomed the Cox family, Sara Katz and our southern California friend, Anne Churchill to the mix. Stephi returned with her mom this week and Avery Worthington and Deniece came for the weekend.
  Among several highlights this week, it’s great to see such progress and bonding between Zizi and Adam, Stephi and Koko and Kaylee with Musketeer who was 2nd in the Marshall and Sterling Classic on Sunday! Maggie and Madison continue to be among the very best of the best in their results. They have been riding lots of other trainer’s horses and have been impressing us with their horsemanship and commitment.
  Our great friend and partner, Mollie Gallaway, is in the hospital in Tucson. She is in very serious condition and as we pray for her full recovery, we will keep you updated on her progress.


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