Country Classic Preview – July 2012

Team NW’s Country Classic Preview was yet another great week for Oz horses and riders. Puppet was Champion in the Green Hunters with Shelley, and also in the Children’s Hunters with Katherine Dash. Katherine also rode Greyscale to the Reserve Championship, sweeping the entire division. Pirouette was Champion in all three of her divisions- the Pre-Green 3’3” with Shelley, and the Amateur Owner 3’3” and Adult Equitation with Shawna Dash. Diane Laycoe’s Perseverance and Shelley were Champion in the Pre-Green 3’, while Tara and Lauren Worland’s First Lady was Reserve Champion. Shelley and Korina Winkler’s Argentinus were Reserve Champion in the Pre-Green 3’3”, and Tara and Kilkenny Anar were Champion in the Training Hunter 2’. Tara also rode Ellie Tilken’s La Linea to the Reserve Championship in the Baby Green Hunters. Worth the Wait was Champion with Shelley in the Training Hunter 2’6”, and again with Ethan John in the Pre-Children’s Equitation. Loverboy and Bailey Smith were Champion in the 1.15m Modified Junior/Amateur Jumper, and Shelley and Oz Investment’s Zaloubet were Reserve Champion in the 1.20m Jumpers. In the equitation divisions, Alexandra Ulmer and Wembley were Champion in the 15 and Under division, while Vivian Keller and Galabea 3 were Reserve Champion in the 16-17 division. In the pony ring, Barcelona and Emily Perkins were Reserve Champion in the Children’s Pony Hunters. Oz domination was displayed in the ASPCA Horsemanship class, as Avery Worthington and Banning finished first, while Alexandra Ulmer took second. In the Mini-Prix, Bailey and Loverboy were fourth, and Rebecca Fine and Wyzard finished seventh. Congratulations to everyone!

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