Oregon Summer Show – Wilsonville, OR

Oz returned to Wilsonville for the first of the final two weeks of the 2012 Team NW Equestrian Sports Circuit. In the Team NW Jumper Classic, Jeff rode Cartiano Z and Apache Joe to the third and sixth place finished, respectfully, with Shelley and Zaloubet taking eighth. Oz dominated in the Team NW Mini Prix, with Jeff riding Stephanie Osmond’s Je Revel to the win, with Kaylee Cox and Musketeer in second, Alexandra Majer and Zara II in third, Bailey Smith and Loverboy in fourth, Tami Majer and Camaran CR in sixth, and David Robinson and Desert Crown in seventh. Shelley and Maggie Dennis’s Greyscale took the third place ribbon in the Grand Prix Hunter Derby, with Tara Niculescu riding Patty Shannon’s Stella to fifth.

PERSERVERANCE- Champion Pre-Green Hunters 3’

ARGENTINUS- Champion Pre-Green Hunters 3’3”

KILKENNY CHANCELLOR- Champion Baby Green Hunters

KILKENNY ARIES- Champion 1.00m Jumper

WORTH THE WAIT- Champion Training Hunter 2’6”
-Reserve Champion Pre-Children’s Hunters

JE REVEL- Champion 1.10m Jumpers

PADARCO DOLCE- Champion Equitaiton 15 & Under
– Champion Junior Hunters

LOVERBOY- Champion Junior/Amateur Owner Jumpers
-Reserve Champion Modified Junior/Amateur Jumpers

CASSIUS- Champion 1.10m High Children/Adult Jumpers

AVERY WORTHINGTON – Champion Equitation 16-17

VIVIAN KELLER- Reserve Champion Equitation 16-17

EMILY PERKINS- Champion Pony Equitation

ZARA II- Champion Modified Junior/Amateur Jumpers

KILKENNY ANAR- Reserve Champion Training Hunters 2’

KATHERINE DASH – Reserve Champion Equitation 15 & Under

LAURA FERRAN- Reserve Champion Adult Equitation

CAMARAN CR- Reserve Champion 1.15m Jumpers

ZALOUBET- Reserve Champion 1.30m Jumpers

MUSKETEER- Reserve Champion Modified Junior/Amateur Jumpers

CARTIANO Z- Reserve Champion Junior/Amateur Jumpers

WEMBLEY- Reserve Champion Junior Hunters

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